Second battery case against OLOL doctor being investigated

Second battery case against OLOL doctor being investigated
Dr. Shane McKinney from 2018 CBS interview (Source: CBS)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office is now investigating a second case involving Our Lady of the Lake Dr. Shane McKinney, the 9News Investigators have learned.

That incident also involves a woman, who claims McKinney physically assaulted her on a jogging area near LSU in July. McKinney was arrested after a similar incident that allegedly happened near LSU Monday, Nov. 9.

“I haven’t felt comfortable going out there since that incident,” said Mrs. Thomas, who was the alleged victim of another assault by the Doctor back in July.

Thomas immediately recognized the face of Dr. Shane McKinney from WAFB news reports this week, from her own experience with him in July, when she was walking around the LSU Lakes with a friend.

Speaking exclusively to the 9News Investigators, the woman from the July case claims she was on West Lakeshore Drive when McKinney “aggressively shouted at me ‘move out of the way’ and proceeded to use his shoulder and elbow to physically push me.” The woman says she then stumbled backwards and her friend caught her, preventing her from falling.

The woman says a man jogging nearby later approached her and told her McKinney had just done the same thing to him. After officers with the LSU Police Department arrived, the woman recorded part of the exchange she had with officers and McKinney.

“I  said there he is right there. That’s the guy that assaulted me. So they (LSU Police) made him stop running and pulled him over to the side,” said Thomas.

“Why do you feel entitled to any more of the sidewalk more than I do?” the woman asked McKinney. “Why are you treating people like that? It’s not right.”

McKinney, standing in front of a police car, does not respond. In the video, the LSU officer then asks for identification from everyone involved. The woman then informs the officer she wants to press charges against McKinney.

Still frame from July 2020 video
Still frame from July 2020 video (Source: Victim)

In the LSU police report, the officer says McKinney told him "the two female subjects were walking shoulder-to-shoulder beside each other on the sidewalk in the opposite direction that he was running. The officer wrote that McKinney admitted his left shoulder “made contact with” the female as he passed them. The officer noted the woman “would like to pursue charges against McKinney for simple battery.”

“If they decide to charge him, it would be a simple battery, but nothing ever happened. And the fact that months later he felt emboldened enough to escalate to punching a young lady, a young black woman on the path while she’s working out, and running, is absurd. It’s really ridiculous,” said Thomas.

However, LSU police officers did not charge McKinney. District Attorney Hillar Moore said Thursday, Nov. 12 his office just got the LSU case file Wednesday and will investigate.

After the incident this week, McKinney, 54, was charged with simple battery and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a charge of simple battery. In that case, a female member of the Southern University track team says she was near a lake on Dalrymple Drive Monday evening (Nov. 9) when she alleges the doctor pushed her out of his way and shouted a racial slur at her.

The initial police report from the incident makes no mention of any racial slur being used. That allegation was, however, included in a police news release sent out Tuesday.

“The fact that he has done this multiple time, it tells me that this is an intentional and deliberate act on his part to assault black women or target black women, and be unapologetic about it,” said Thomas.

Detectives with the Baton Rouge Police (BRPD) say they’re still investigating the Monday incident, but said Thursday they don’t have any evidence to support the claim that the Monday attack was racially motivated. In the police report from Monday, an officer wrote that the female was walking with a friend when McKinney ran past them.

“The victim advised that the Defendant (McKinney) deliberately raised his elbow and struck her in the shoulder/chest area, with enough force to cause the victim to turn 180 degrees," the report states.

McKinney’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request from WAFB for comment about the July incident.

However, he did issue the following statement about the most recent incident:

"Dr. Shane McKinney is innocent. Allegations that he threw a punch and made a racially offensive comment are not true and not supported by police action.

He was not arrested for any type of hate crime because the evidence does not support it. And the misdemeanor simple battery is based upon his elbow contacting the accuser’s bicep or shoulder as he jogged past her on the narrow sidewalk. A simple battery requires the “intentional use of force or violence.” There was none. The contact was unintentional.

Dr. McKinney’s life and career has been devoted to helping and healing those in need during the most vulnerable times of their lives. He left a career managing people for a major corporation to attend medical school and residency to help people in his and our community. He is a healer and not a harmer. He is sorry for any of his actions that contributed to this circumstance. He has no ill will towards anyone and looks forward to the legal system running its course and for the truth to be fully unveiled.

If anyone in the area has any video from a cell phone or from a home or business surveillance camera, we ask that they please provide this video to law enforcement so the true and accurate account of this incident can be seen."

Our Lady of the Lake says it has placed McKinney on leave while the hospital conducts its own internal investigation into the allegations against him.

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