Heavy rain on Wednesday evening causes flooding around the area

Wednesday street flooding

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Tonight, the streets are drying out after a heavy downpour caught some drivers by surprise.

Water covered the roads across several New Orleans neighborhoods and Metairie wasn’t spared from the intense rain. Police barricaded some of the usual trouble spots, but some drivers tried to go through the standing water and got stuck.

Many of the places that saw standing water were no surprise, but some neighbors in Treme say they were caught off guard.

A couple of residents I spoke with say the construction work on Bayou Road is causing the street to flood more because debris is blocking up the drains and just making the situation worse.

Strong storms rocked the entire region and caused major inconveniences for drivers.

Like here on Bayou Road in Treme. One driver wasn’t so lucky. For residents on this road- they say it could have been avoided.

Michel Felton says barricades around construction work were taken down and this roadwork is one of the reasons why he says they are now seeing flooding on their street.

“We’ve been in this neighborhood for 15 years now and we’ve never had a problem with flooding,” Felton said.

And it is getting worse. He says when it floods, the water rises onto his property.

“This is one of the highest streets in the city of New Orleans. For Katrina, the water never came over the curb,” Felton said.

Truedell Impastato says she’d like to see the city take better care of the streets.

“They just don’t pick up the concrete. Look at this, we’ve never had this on our street before,” Truedell said.

“This is the first time we have ever had flooding on this street,” Truedell said.

In New Orleans, there were several other trouble spots. A car flooded out on Canal Boulevard.

And police had to block off the Carrollton and I-10 underpass.

And in Metairie, heavy rain flooded streets. Drivers drove through high water on Severn near Lakeside.

A good reminder for drivers out there. If you see water in the road, and you’re not sure if it’s passable, just stop and turn around. Because if not, you could end up in an unsafe situation.

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