Gen. Honoré blasts security failures at the U.S. Capitol building; says some people deserve jail

Updated: Jan. 8, 2021 at 7:19 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - He is a decorated Army veteran who was dispatched to New Orleans by President George W. Bush to quell the chaos after the levees broke during Hurricane Katrina and he is flabbergasted over the siege of the U.S. Capitol Building.

Retired Lt. General Russel Honoré blasted the leadership of the Capitol Police Force.

“It’s like the Capitol Police was doing security by ZOOM like we’re doing this interview by ZOOM. I don’t know, I’ve just never seen so much incompetence, so they’re either that stupid, or ignorant or complicit. I think they were complicit,” Honoré said during an interview with FOX 8.

He says too many opportunities were missed to prevent the assault which left a Capitol Police officer dead.

“And my heart and soul goes out to that one guard, the gentleman who lost his life. He was beaten to death by the patriots as they call themselves with a fire extinguisher,” said Honoré.

His frustration is not directed at rank-and-file members of the Capitol Police force who tried to rebuff the rioters.

“Those Capitol Police, the ones that were doing their job showed a lot of constraint,” Honoré stated.

But his fury is directed at the Capitol Police Chief and top-level people overseeing the two chambers of Congress.

“[He] Has since said he’s going to retire; he should be fired. He should be fired for a total failure, along with the Sergeant-at-Arms in the Senate and the Sergeant-at-Arms in the House,” said Honoré.

He said the ball was dropped on several fronts by the police chief.

“In that he did not have sufficient police on hand to protect the capitol which has led me to believe that there was some complicity on behalf of the Capitol police and that will come out in the investigation; I hope I’m wrong,” Honoréstated.

Honoré says Washington D.C. is filled with law enforcement agencies that could have been enlisted to support Capitol Police if the right kind of planning had taken place in advance of the well-publicized protest.

“We knew they were coming; everybody knew they were coming, every law enforcement agency in D.C. called the Capitol and said how many you want. Oh, we don’t need no help, that’s why it was complicit, and people need to go to jail over that,” said Honoré.

Honoré worked at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during his long Army career. He said while in Washington his job was to provide military support to civilian authorities and what he observed this week he said the national guard was called out too late.

Also, he said the law enforcement response to the Capitol Building chaos was different from what happened during the Black Lives Matter protests.

“Totally different, they handled it totally different, that’s why I’m thinking that the leadership inside the Capitol Police was complicit because they did not see these tens of thousands of people who said they were going into the Capitol; they said this before they got there,” said Honoré.

He was asked what must happen security-wise before the January inaugural of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris outside the Capitol.

“Well, they’ll have to lock it down,” said Honoré.

He also suggests that it would be prudent to hold the ceremony indoors.

“I think a nice inauguration inside the White House and get on to taking care of business. We’ve got 4,000 people died in America yesterday from the COVID, we’re in a national emergency. We don’t have time for no damn parties,” said Honoré.

And Honoré said while foreign countries witnessed the scar on U.S. democracy during the siege, he said America rebounded right away.

“We’ve been knocked down, but we can get back up. Matter of fact we got back up that night when the Congress met and verified the votes,” said Honoré.

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