LA State Police report on cadet cheating released

Louisiana State Police
Louisiana State Police(Louisiana State Police)
Updated: Jan. 15, 2021 at 11:23 AM CST
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Louisiana State Police (LSP) Friday released their findings into cheating allegations among cadets taking part in the 2019 training academy known as Cadet Class 99 (CC 99).

That is the same class where cadets, who were training to become troopers, were injured during intense training that was found to have fallen outside of LSP guidelines. Ultimately, only two of the 61 cadets in that class were found to have cheated and were discharged from the academy, the LSP report says.

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51 other cadets graduated the often grueling 23-week training academy class and have since become state troopers. The LSP report says, when allegations of cheating surfaced, investigators searched the electronic devices and flash drives of each cadet in the class.

Investigators discovered multiple cadets had a treasure-trove of quizzes, prior tests and study materials that had been passed on to them from previous cadet classes and current LSP troopers. They even found a copy of an actual LSP final exam.

Investigators noted a few of questions on that final exam are changed out for each class but found that most “have remained the same for the last several cadet classes,” the LSP report says.

Some of the material dated as far back as Cadet Class 94 that took place in 2015.

Investigators say that five of the cadets admitted that “study material was obtained from friends and troopers who attended previous cadet classes, or from other CC 99 classmates during class” the LSP report says. “They also related that they shared the study materials with CC 99 classmates. However, they said they thought the information they obtained was just notes, quizzes and old tests from previous cadet classes they were allowed to use to study. They related they were unaware it contained actual tests, and were adamant, they had never used, or intended to use, the information to cheat.”

Because of that, none of the cadets were found to have cheated by obtaining that information, the report says.

However, two of the cadets were dismissed from the class after it was found they had indeed cheated in other incidents, the records show.

One of the dismissed cadets admitted having someone else write a paper for her. The other admitted he provided answers to another cadet during an exam, the records show.

As a result of cheating allegations and cadet injuries that occurred in Cadet Class 99, then LSP Colonel Reeves ordered a complete review of policies and procedures at the training academy. Two groups, made up mostly of LSP troopers, later presented Reeves with detailed recommendations for improvements.

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