New Orleans residents receive drive-thru vaccines and Entergy vouchers

New Orleans residents receive drive-thru vaccines and Entergy vouchers

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Household of Faith church has become the unofficial HUB for relief efforts in New Orleans East since the start of the pandemic, and Saturday those efforts continued with 100 dollar vouchers to help pay off high Entergy bills and 350 Pfizer vaccines administered via drive-thru.

“I just feel a little safer now< said Gloria Bernard who was one of the first in line to receive her shot.

“I want to get well and that way everyone around me can feel a little bit safer now,” said Merial Joseph, who also received her 1st dose.

The church is partnered with Entergy and LCMC health, and Pastor Antoine Barriere says it takes joint efforts like this to get the word out to those underserved communities.

“Everybody doesn’t have the resources to get around,” said Barriere.

“We’re giving those folks 65 and older some help with their Entergy bills and again that’s a great partnership and it’s about getting to the community.”

“We want to make sure that people not only have equal access but they have equitable access to it,” said C.J. Marbley, the chief nursing officer with LCMC.

“So that means meeting people where they are and providing multiple ways of getting the vaccine.”

“They see their sisters and their brothers and other people in the community who are receiving the vaccine and we will try to convince them, you know, while you’re here, get this. It helps our community.”

The event will hopefully be the first of many as more and more people become eligible and more vaccines become available.

And those who did rollup their sleeves say they hope to convince others to do the same.

“I would tell them take the shot. Take the shot,” said Joseph.

“It’s great. I’m glad that they’re doing this for us,” said Bernard.

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