Wedding industry hopeful after city lifts more Covid restrictions

Wedding industry hopeful after city lifts more Covid restrictions

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The bride looked beautiful in white. Her father beamed with pride. And a dashing groom helped her through the streets of New Orleans. It almost looked like a wedding pre-Covid.

But wedding planner, Belinda Costanzo says this is the first wedding she’s put on in almost a year.

“To see our community who’s been staying strong all we want to do is come back and help and all our industry come back,” said Costanzo.

With a low positivity rate, the city of New Orleans eased up on restrictions, allowing indoor gatherings to expand to 75 people, and outdoor to 150 people which meant some family and friends were able to attend this wedding compared to many other pared-down weddings.

“It felt normal actually,” said Matt Diaz.

With a wedding photography company of his own, Matt Diaz was happy to help execute the plan for this wedding.

He explained their industry depends on volume, saying the vendors, the photographers, the venues all hope this is the start of the wedding boom again in New Orleans.

“Like florals, if it’s just florals for two it’s not near the same revenue. I feel everyone had this same amount of passion yesterday, just excited to do a real wedding so it was cool,” said Diaz.

Wedding seasons are not every season. The pair say most couples have continued to postpone their weddings as the Covid restrictions near the year-mark.

“We’re still across the whole spectrum of vendors still struggling because all the work in the fall is mostly paid for so we need new events more people to come to New Orleans so we’re still a long way to go,” said Costanzo.

They’ve planned for the better part of a year for weddings that never happened, but the pair say they’ll continue to lean on each other, looking forward to those loving smiles at the altar.

“My coworkers are my wedding vendors, my flowers, my band, they’re my coworkers, and when you have the ‘A’ team on a wedding it’s exciting because we all love each other and support each other,” said Diaz.

“We solve problems and bringing people together at the end of the day that’s what our goal is,” said Costanzo.

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