Post-pandemic New Orleans jobs reboot is on

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 6:09 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - After several rough months a leading economic booster for New Orleans says the city is on a roll when it comes to available jobs.

GNO inc says if you’re looking for work or perhaps looking to shift careers, now is your chance.

Kenneth Hewitt had no trouble finding work after the height of the pandemic.

“I started at Shaya’s during the pandemic and the other one I picked up on Labor Day and I’ve been working since,” said Hewitt.

In fact a new survey from GNO Inc. shows the region currently has close to 50,000 jobs available.

“When we look at the economic trends that have been accelerated by Covid there are a number that play to our strengths, logistics bigger after Covid it’s the new retail,” said Michael hecht, CEO of GNO Inc.

The jobs run the gamut from administration and support to healthcare and hospitality, even retail.

“The retailers who made it and the restaurants who made it and the hotels are seeing global pent up demand for what New Orleans offers which is culture and intimacy and humanity, all those things but Covid took away from us,” said Hecht.

GNO Inc. says if you’re looking for work, or interested in working in a new field, now might be the time to get retrained and Delgado Community College says it’s ready.

“We have information technology, computer technology, computer network technology, cloud computing and we have a variety of short term workforce training programs,” said Cheryl Myers, PhD, Delgado Vice Chancellor.

GNO Inc. says the number of available jobs has surpassed pre-pandemic levels dating back to February 2020.

“What it is basically saying is that there are more companies looking for more people today than there were before the pandemic,” said Hecht.

But that’s not to say 2020 didn’t have its rough patches, with unemployment hitting 20 percent in New Orleans last summer.

“As bad as anywhere in the country, Orlando and Vegas were worse,” said Hecht.

Kenneth Hewitt just got his second coronavirus shot and says he’s ready for a big year.

“Got to get it. Can’t sit around and wait for it,” Hewitt said.

And based on GNO’s new study, record numbers of new job opportunities are there, for just about anybody who is looking for work.

GNO Inc. has hundreds of job postings on

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