Orleans DA Speaks Out On Convicted Cop Killer’s Appeal Motion

Orleans DA Speaks Out On Convicted Cop Killer’s Appeal Motion
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The Orleans Parish District Attorney is responding tonight to concerns raised about his recent decision to join in on a motion that could’ve meant a rehearing in the case of a convicted cop killer. The officers’ mother says she was stunned to learn about the new developments through the media.

It is been six years since Officer Daryle Holloway was killed while transporting inmate Travis Boys to the New Orleans jail, and Boys’ attorneys are fighting for a new trial.

“His attorneys are probably going to go all the way to the supreme court and that’s his right,” said Officer Holloway’s mother, Olander.

She says she was surprised to learn through the media, that the DA participated in a joint motion seeking a rehearing on the issue of the racial make of the jury.

“I just think it’s such a lack of respect. They didn’t have to get my permission. I understand that but I think I could’ve been told what was going to be happening,” said Mrs. Holloway.

Orleans Da Jason Williams says he joined the motion because he wanted to settle the issue once and for all. He says there’s no doubt that with five black jurors, there was no racial bias in the conviction of Travis Boys and his intention was to argue that point.

“We’ve had a number of settings where we were arguing this appeal or arguing that appeal and we do not have a policy for telling families and survivors every time we make a strategic decision,” said Williams.

The 4th circuit court of appeals rejected the joint motion for a rehearing, but Boys’ attorneys are expected to continue to press the issue.

“Based on the jury make-up and other issues I think this was a specious argument I don’t think there is any chance this is going to be reversed due to the jury makeup,” said Fox 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti. “The victim’s mother says she doesn’t believe the argument has merit.”

“I sat through this whole trial and I didn’t see anything that made me question or think that they were trying to illuminate certain people,” said Mrs. Holloway.

The DA says he has now fully apprised the Holloway family about the current state of the appeal.

“She was comforted to know that this was a strategic decision to expose quickly that this was a righteous conviction,” said Williams.

The DA says his office never intended to argue in favor of the rehearing, he says filing the joint motion would’ve helped settle the issue once and for all.

Jason Williams says race is often a problem in jury verdicts. He says he is thoroughly examining the record and the Travis Boys case and is convinced that there was no race schism in the selection of the jury.

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