Lawmakers visit LSU to discuss sexual violence and ways to ensure student safety

LSU campus
LSU campus(WAFB)
Updated: May. 1, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A few weeks into the session, lawmakers are still zeroing in to LSU’s failures to report sexual assault.

“The questions becomes when something happens, that is not right, how do we handle it? How do we fix it on the front end and when they are absolutely needing to do the investigation properly,” says State Representative C. Denise Marcelle.

Students on campus say even with all the promises, confidence is still not high that they’re being protected.

“I am hopeful that there can be change here at LSU, I am hopeful that our administrators are going to start to make the right decisions. As a student, I am a little weary and a little cautiously optimistic about where we stand about where stand with Title IX and sexual assault,” says Mia LeJuene who is a student at LSU.

LSU announces change to Title IX policies: employees who fail to report violations will be fired

Lawmakers called the meeting on LSU’s campus to discuss what needs to be done to ensure students are safe. Discussion centered on removing the accused from having any contact with the victim whether in the dorms or classroom. “This an UNO, Southeastern, Southern and other places. It’s not an LSU specific issue,” says State Representative Aimee Freeman

The Committee plans to keep the discussion going at other schools around the state. Students we heard from say that’s great, but again there’s not much confidence sexual violence will be taken seriously at least not at LSU. “We are not feeling 100% safe and we are not feeling100% valued and cared for, but I think that with time and when we start seeing actionable changes and we keep having these conversations,” adds LeJuene.

Senator Regina Barrow expects to follow up with LSU students later this year.

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