Republican lawmakers moving towards holding veto override session

Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 9:16 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Another controversial legislative session came to a close, but Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of some controversial bills may spur Republican lawmakers to call a special veto override session.

“I’ve seen our legislators have more interest in an override session than ever before,” said Sharon Hewitt.

So far the governor’s vetoed two high-interest bills: one banning transgender athletes from participating in female athletics and another allowing gun owners to carry concealed firearms without a permit. Both passed with veto-proof majorities.

“The speaker of the house and president of the senate feel like they already have the votes to override the governor’s veto,” said Robert Collins, Ph.D.

Dillard University political analyst doctor Robert Collins says beyond the two bills, legislators know the governor is term-limited.

“I think his position he’s going to force them to override him and if they override, he’s going to say I made my point, I stuck to my convictions and I’m happy with that,” said Collins.

However, Collins says the Governor still holds power to sway some votes.

“I believe the governor’s strategy right now is he believes he can pick up a few votes in the house and the senate and in doing so he can sustain his vetoes,” said Collins.

Senator Jay Morris says he wasn’t surprised the governor vetoed his permitless concealed carry bill, but says it is something he’d like to bring up at a special veto override session.

“I feel like it’s incumbent upon me to allow a veto session to occur… it’s not something I relish the idea of the compounds that legislation is such that constitution provides wire in the wall of the people had to prevail,” said Morris.

“I’m probably getting more emails and phone calls in my office on the women’s for fairness in sports bill,” said Hewitt.

Senator Sharon Hewitt says there are a lot of conversations happening in the senate right now especially as the Governor still has a number of bills to sign or veto. She supported both bills and says she’s likely to do so again in an override veto session.

Reporter: You would support an override session?

Hewitt: “I would certainly lean that way right now.”

Like everything in politics, there’s still room for change.

“There’s no guarantee legislators are going to vote the same way,” said Hewitt.

The speaker of the house released a statement also supporting a veto session.

After the governor issues a decision on all the bills before him, Legislators would have to cast their ballots on a special override session.

The governor must notify them by July 3rd. Legislators would have to cast their ballots by July 15.

The veto override session would be scheduled for July 20th.

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