Couple pleads for leaders to address crime; recounts moments house took a bullet

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 9:47 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -He spends most of his time in the upstairs portion of their Irish Channel home, but Mike Kobrin says he’s thankful he was downstairs with his fiancé watching TV earlier this month.

“At first we thought it was just a firework that landed on the roof,” said Amy Lovelace.

When he went to investigate the cause of the sound, a couple of bullet holes met him at the top of the stairs and he even dug the bullet out of the wall.

“I kept looking from one to the other and realized that’s passing through where I’m standing now. It was really scary. It was a heck of a moment,” said Kobrin.

“As soon as I saw the hole in the wall, I just started shaking because it could have hit us both,” said Lovelace.

Video footage from neighbors shows an errant bullet was fired from a car going the wrong way down their street.

“After the bullet went through the house, that’s one thing, but then a few weeks later, 20 shots fired at a woman in a car with a child... that is something that elevates the conversation,” said Kobrin.

The couple says there is an increasing and concerning number of shootings happening in their neighborhood.

“This happens. I get it. We’re not crying woe is me because a bullet went through our house, but also at the same time… it’s a scary thing to go through,” said Kobrin.

Kobrin says with their growing family, priorities change.

Amy Lovelace says she’s spent time working with troubled youth, which is why they say they struggle parting with a community they’ve invested in.

“It’s hard to watch a city that you love go through this much pain for everyone, and affects the kids who are living these lifestyles,” said Lovelace.

“We want to be those neighbors who care and see the entire area do better, and do things that bring about positivity and change,” said Kobrin.

Planning to patch the holes before the baby arrives, the couple is now pleading with city, police, and neighborhood leaders to address crime and violence with urgency.

“It will save people’s lives.”

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