City-wide indoor mask mandate reinstated; some businesses requiring proof of vaccination

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 10:16 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Greeting you at the door of the Cowbell on Oak is a sign: “Thank you for wearing a mask.”

But it’s not the only thing required.

“We’re just going to say ‘hey can you bring proof of vaccination’,” said co-owner Brack May.

With the city now helping him enforce the indoor mask mandate, May says they’ll have extra patience to enforce another policy, permitting only those who can show proof of vaccination to dine indoors.

“If you don’t wanna vax, that’s fine, we have outdoor seating You can get an order to go. You can still have your choices. It’s not about freedom, it’s about making the best decision for all of us,” said May.

He says with at-risk employees and family members, they’re making the best decision for everyone involved especially after he says they went to such lengths to make sure all employees were vaccinated.

“Some people I drove them there, they were reticent to do that I said I’m driving you there we’re going to Castelon’s wherever and you’re getting the shots. I sat with them and I said it’s going to be ok you’re gonna be fine and it was fine. So if I ask them to do that I can’t really say ‘hey, just make sure we’re making money and let everyone in there.’ I think it’s a common courtesy it’s nothing more than that, for me it’s not political,” said May.

“We’ve been here before we’ve seen the movie over again. And what was once again unpreventable. Today is preventable. And it’s through our people getting vaccinated,” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell.

In an attempt to set the example, the city will now require all 4,000 city employees to get vaccinated.

Mayor Cantrell said pushing that compliance from 71% to 100%, she’s not fearful of losing city workers, she’s more fearful of them losing their lives.

“It’s bigger than one person. And we’re only as strong right together, and it speaks to the need for city employees, putting on that, that burden of public service and the sacrifice is a public service, it does require us to be vaccinated,” said Cantrell.

On top of a city-wide indoor mask mandate, Mayor Cantrell also asks the New Orleans business leaders to require vaccinations of their employees.

“I’m gonna say this is what we require you don’t have to work here it’s a choice,” said May.

May says a vaccine requirement is pretty easy if business owners make the conscious choice.

“I don’t judge you if you don’t want to do it and I say that’s great they’re places he probably don’t need it and go there that’s fine.”

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