Man found guilty of brutally attacking parents with hammer in St. Tammany

A jury unanimously found Rudy Melerine guilty of two counts of attempted murder after he...
A jury unanimously found Rudy Melerine guilty of two counts of attempted murder after he brutally beat his parents with a hammer in 2017.(STPSO)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 4:09 PM CDT
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ST. TAMMANY PARISH, La. (WVUE) - A jury has found Rudy Melerine, 38, guilty of two counts of attempted murder in a 2017 attack in which he reportedly bloodied both of his parents with a hammer.

The responding deputy, Jesse Smith, says it was the “bloodiest scene he’d ever seen.”

The attack happened on June 20, 2017, in the early morning hours in Folsom. Melerine’s mother said she and her husband were asleep when he broke into their locked bedroom. She was awoken by what she described as the sound of “a hammer smashing a coconut,” as her son struck her husband in the head. When she tried to stop him, Melerine struck her multiple times.

Melerine’s father was able to stop him from attacking his wife and told her to call 911.

“Oh, God! My son is going nuts on us. Oh, hurry, please!” she told operators.

Deputy Smith found Melerine’s mother in the driveway of their home, covered in blood, with injuries to her head and face. She directed officers to a back bedroom where Melerine was still attacking her husband.

Smith says Melerine’s father was laying on the floor in a pool of his own blood, face down, trying to prevent his son from grabbing a hammer that had eventually been wrestled out of his hands.

Assistant District Attorney Luke Lancaster says the father’s actions were heroic.

Officers say there was blood across the room on the floor, bed, walls, and covering the victim and Melerine.

Both parents were treated at a hospital.

His parents testified that Melerine made comments the night before indicating that he was “fostering some sort of anger/resentment toward them” and that he may have been on drugs.

Melerine’s father said while his son was attacking them, he said he was Michael the Archangel and to “prepare their souls for heaven.”

Attorneys for Melerine argued for a lesser charge; that his intent was not to kill his parents and that he was impaired by drugs

“There is a line and he didn’t just cross that line, he was light-years across it,” ADA Lancaster said.

The jury deliberated for about 40 minutes before unanimously voting guilty on both counts of attempted first-degree murder. On both counts, Melerine faces 10 to 50 years without parole.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for Jan. 19, 2022.

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