Bywater restaurant pushes for Crescent Park crime cameras following continued car break-ins

Published: Mar. 6, 2022 at 10:13 PM CST
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Making a final pass through after a busy brunch shift, Elizabeth’s general manager, Nelwyn Fainwater says she’s thankful because this weekend, no one found a pile of glass next to their broken car window.

“I’ve had ladies come back here crying because she left her purse in the car before they stole it. She’s traveling. Didn’t have her purse to get back. Had some folks that came in a van and left their luggage in the van, and they could see it so they took all of their luggage. ... When it happens to someone, I’m like I’m sorry, I don’t know what we can do, we can call the cops,” said Rainwater.

She says nearly every weekend employees and customers park in the convenient Crescent Park parking lot only to find some personal items missing and a car window to replace.

“I really don’t have a solution except to say don’t park up there. You know, and I hate to say that because if I say that then nobody’s going to want to come over here… the Bywater and the Marigny are getting to be a popular area,” said Rainwater.

For months she’s called police after every incident, even speaking with police and city leaders about installing a crime camera to deter those thieves and vandals.

“Police agreed to put a camera up, but now I have to wait on the city and that’s been at least a month,” said Rainwater.

“I feel like it would be a good idea. Car break-ins are getting really bad in New Orleans,” said Quoenika Chibberton and Jalil Dukes.

Unaware of how frequent a target the Crescent Park lot has become, folks say cameras would be great as it’s a popular spot.

“We’re not gonna stop and eat now we’re gonna go home,” said Chibberton and Dukes.

However, unless the city intervenes, Rainwater fears the consequences could outweigh the benefits of this Bywater corner.

“I just think they should know it’s affecting some of our businesses,” said Rainwater.

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