Shooting in Harvey OMV parking lot leads to police chase and crash

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - State Police are investigating a shooting at the Harvey Office of Motor Vehicles that led to a police chase and crash.

“We heard a crash and all figured what the heck is that and ran to the window,” Sherri Lambert said.

Lambert and her co-workers at the Point Restaurant and Bar watched on as police descended on the intersection of Peters Road and 4th Street.

“There’s this car smashed into a big tow truck but then, there come all the cops,” Lambert described. “There are about 10 cops and they’re drawing down on this guy to have him stop, but his car was totaled, his airbags were deployed.”

The man they saw crawl out of the white Chevy Malibu had just sped the wrong way down Peters, which can be seen in exclusive surveillance video.

“Of course, there were people stopped on the other side, so he’s not going to wait for the red light, he’s trying to get away from the cops,” Lambert said.

He t-boned a tow truck making the turn. State police say the tow driver was uninjured.

“They eventually took him [the suspect] to the hospital,” Lambert said. “As far as I was told, he was actually the shooter at the DMV today.”

Minutes earlier, State Police say that suspect opened fire in the OMV parking lot a little over a mile away, leading troopers and JPSO deputies on a chase.

police say no one was injured in the shooting either, but it’s still unknown as to why the suspect started shooting and who he was shooting at.

The scene offers very few clues... just a taped-off spot with several cars around. A silver Audi Was the focus for investigators, spending hours circling around the hot parking lot.

The suspect’s car was also left in its final resting place for hours. State Police say the suspect behind the wheel was uninjured but evaluated at UMC, all as the adrenaline began to fade for those who saw the crash.

“This is not normal, this is not normal but interesting, yes, like you needed some popcorn,” Lambert joked.

It is not believed at this point that any officers fired their weapons during this incident and again, no one was injured.

State Police are still investigating.

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