Campaign season is underway; candidates work to capture voters’ attention

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 8:14 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - With Labor Day over the fall campaign season is officially underway and candidates are working to capture voters’ attention and secure their support.

Mike Sherman is FOX 8′s political analyst.

“You wouldn’t know it because the yard signs aren’t out but we are at the start of the political season, the fall election is upon us,” said Sherman.

Races for Congress on the November ballot and one of Louisiana’s U.S. senators, John Kennedy is up for reelection.

“This is John Kennedy’s race to lose, we’re a deep-red state, incumbents are generally very safe across the country, that’s the case here in Louisiana,” said Sherman.

Kennedy, a Republican, has attracted a dozen challengers.

And the chair of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Katie Bernhardt, told FOX 8 that the party has endorsed three candidates, Gary Chambers, Luke Mixon, and Syrita Steib.

Sherman said, “We’ve got a very safe incumbent on the ballot, not much excitement around the U.S. Senate race.”

Also on the ballot are some local judgeships and the District 5 state senate race.

“The hottest race locally is this state senate race left by Karen Carter’s resignation. Two well-known state representatives vying for this coveted state Senate seat with two very different styles and campaign messages,” said Sherman.

The candidates are Representatives Royce Duplessis and Mandie Landry of New Orleans. Each says they are the best person for the job.

“We need someone who can not only advocate for the issues that matter like a woman’s right to choose and workers’ rights but also someone who could be effective. Someone who can get things done in a hostile atmosphere and I’ve been that person, I’ll continue to be that person in the Senate,” said Duplessis.

Landry says she would fill an important void in the legislature’s upper chamber.

“There’s never been a time more important, especially in Louisiana to have someone with experience and knowledge of reproductive rights. I never thought Roe would be overturned and at this moment in history,” said Landry. “The fact that we don’t have any pro-choice women and women with any experience in the feed of abortion-maternal health care like I do is more important now than ever to have someone in the state senate.”

Both have top priorities they would tackle if elected.

“We obviously need to do something major as it relates to restoring women’s rights and their bodily autonomy here in New Orleans, that’s a huge issue, the trigger laws are horrible and they need to be repealed, if we don’t repeal them, we need to start on some exceptions,” said Duplessis.

“Number one maternal healthcare before the baby is born and after. We are behind with everything and we’re going to have so many more unplanned pregnancies, especially to poor women and black and brown women,” said Landry. “Number two getting money to the city for flooding and drainage. That’s almost as important to anything out there,” Landry.

Duplessis said he would also work to get more funding for the city.

“We need to continue to be smart around criminal justice and continue to work to not only deal with de-carceration but be smarter around public safety. Those are issues that I want to continue to work on and continue to get funding to the city of New Orleans around infrastructure,” he said.

In terms of the congressional races, this year is the mid-term election and the ongoing abortion rights debate may send more voters to the polls.

“It’s clear from early primaries that abortion has been the issue that has reinvigorated what could have been a sleepier mid-term election, particularly on the pro-choice side with more folks coming out to vote in other states, not really applicable here in Louisiana,” said Sherman.

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