Picayune coffeehouse decides teens need adult present for indoor dining

This comes after complaints of minors violating property and customers
Changes are coming to PJ’s Coffee in Picayune, but it’s not a brew that’s getting the boot.
Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 10:12 PM CDT
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PICAYUNE, Miss. (WLOX) - One Picayune coffee house is practicing a new rule: teenagers 16 and younger need an adult to eat indoors.

This comes after multiple instances of inappropriate behavior toward staff, store property, and customers.

Changes are coming to PJ’s Coffee in Picayune, but it’s not a brew that’s getting the boot.

As of March 15, teenagers 16 and under will need a parent present to dine in.

“Large crowds, 20 plus kids, and when most of them are loud, rambunctious, and tackling each other, cursing. Parents may be misinformed that they are going there for study time and that’s not happening,” said Picayune Police Chief Joe Quave.

Quave said similar incidents took place last school year and now it’s reoccurring.

A Facebook post stated minors have impacted the experience of customers and employees, leading to the decision.

“There are actually people who have avoided going there because of the activities from other kids,” Quave said.

Quave said it’s time for teens to get their act together so other businesses won’t follow suit.

“There are three parks, two of which the kids would pass if they’re walking from the junior high or high school to PJ’s; that’ll be perfectly fine. It’s outdoors, it’s a park. They could run and let loose steam from the day and everything is great,” Quave said.

One of those parks is on Goodyear Boulevard.

“Mainly respect for the owners and their businesses and their properties because that was one of the major things I was taught is respect,” said teen Maria Beal.

Like Beal, dozens are utilizing parks and other local areas.

“We just walk around whatever and all that and just talk,” Beal said.

Picayune Police is backing their efforts to engage with the youth.

The public is invited to Pizza in the Park in Leola Jordan Park starting at 2 p.m. March 18.

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