FOX 8 Defenders: More men file complaints against Spring View Medical Clinic

Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 11:31 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Nine more men have filed complaints with the Louisiana Attorney General’s office following a Fox 8 report on a now-closed Metairie medical clinic, bringing the total to 13 complaints against Spring View Medical Clinic.

The Fox 8 Defenders have received over a dozen calls and emails from men who claim to have had interactions with Spring View and are still receiving bills.

One man who chose not to be identified said he was surprised to see the clinic on TV.

“It struck me that I’m not going to be the only one, and now they have other people,” another man stated.

The men mentioned that they visited the clinic earlier this year for erectile dysfunction treatment.

“I kept seeing the commercial for men’s E.D., and I kind of suffer from that, so I thought that might be the solution to my problem,” one of the men said.

“I told them I can pay you $3,000 upfront. So I went ahead and paid them $3,000 upfront, and they said they could start the procedure the same day,” another commented. “After the third treatment, I called—no answer. I must’ve called, I don’t know how many times. Then I went down there. When I went down there, the office was closed.”

The clinic, which advertised a treatment for erectile dysfunction, operated in Metairie within an office building. The building owner informed us that the clinic never paid rent for May, and it closed in June. Men we’ve spoken to say they arrived to find a closed sign on the door after the clinic closed.

Following the initial report on Spring View, the building owner says that the Attorney General’s office contacted him, seeking information about Spring View’s management and how the clinic left Metairie abruptly.

Despite the clinic’s closure, the men we’ve spoken to still receive bills from the loan companies they signed up with when they began treatment. Some mentioned receiving only a few treatments before the clinic closed, yet they’re being asked to pay.

“I see patients on a weekly basis who ask about this treatment. Some who paid, some who didn’t. And the majority of those patients didn’t get any positive results from the treatment they received,” said Dr. Matthew Mutter, M.D., a physician from LSU Health.

FOX 8 has been unable to confirm whether a licensed doctor is associated with the former Metairie clinic. The men we spoke to claimed they never saw a doctor at Spring View.

Dr. Mutter emphasized that it’s crucial for any man dealing with erectile dysfunction to seek help from a licensed doctor.

“Many clinics focus on erectile dysfunction and may not be staffed by a urologist or E.D. professional, so that can be somewhat concerning,” Mutter said.

In addition to Spring View Medical Clinic, the Fox 8 Defenders discovered 42 medical clinics across the country promoting the same procedure as Spring View did. Many of these clinics list the same individuals as officers or managers on official state documents, and many share the same main address in Utah. Fox 8 obtained this list of clinics from an email sent by a Spring View representative.

“It’s not truly surprising to me that something like this showed up here. I’m actually surprised it took this long for a clinic to open in our area,” Mutter said.

While the Attorney General’s office investigates Spring View and the confirmed 13 complaints against the clinic, the men reaching out to the Fox 8 Defenders are also filing complaints and are putting their hope in the A.G.’s investigation.

“I hope they can help me, as well as others, get our money back, rectify this, and make us whole again,” one of the men said.

The Louisiana Attorney General’s office encourages anyone wishing to file a complaint against Spring View Medical Clinic to contact the A.G.’s office to do so.

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