Ocean Springs High School Homecoming pranks gone too far, parents say

Ocean Springs High School, along with other local high schools, are celebrating Homecoming this week.
Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 4:39 PM CDT
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OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Ocean Springs High School, along with other local high schools, are celebrating Homecoming this week.

What is supposed to be a fun and innocent prank war between juniors and seniors of Ocean Springs High has parents worried and even filing police reports.

We received a Ring video from a woman. In the video, she said five Ocean Springs High School boys are seen throwing eggs at her cars, squirting mustard everywhere, and worst of all, tossing white paint on her and her daughter’s brand-new cars.

At what point do these “pranks” become criminal?

“If I go on your property, that’s trespassing,” said Capt. Ryan LaMaire, Ocean Springs PD PIO. “The homeowner can sign charges on you. If I throw toilet paper into your tree, that’s littering. If we catch you, we can arrest you. When you cause damage to someone’s property, that’s malicious mischief, that’s another crime.”

Captain LaMaire said Ocean Springs PD has received multiple reports of vandalism throughout the week.

“Every night we’re answering suspicious people calls and it’s basically kids out vandalizing property,” said LaMaire.

Eggs, toilet papers, and even white paint isn’t the worst of the calls they have received.

“We’ve had windows smashed.”

One woman took to Facebook and said she woke up to hotdogs, bologna, and some toilet paper on her property. Another said kids poured salt and syrup on her Jeep and salt in her gas tank.

If the people committing these crimes are minors, Capt. LaMaire said they could lose a lot.

“If you get caught, this could affect someone’s college career,” he said. “Say you’re an athlete, you have a scholarship, and you get arrested, this can affect the rest of your life.”

Ocean Springs High released a statement to parents and students on Tuesday saying activities like this are strictly prohibited on school and district property. Any student found to be vandalizing school property, another student’s property, or a staff member’s property while on campus will be subject to disciplinary action.

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