FOX 8 Defenders: Manager of Spring View Medical Clinic speaks out amidst growing patients complaints

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 10:45 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - One of the men listed on official state documents as a manager and officer of Spring View Medical Clinic says he’s working day and night to help the clients of the now-closed business.

We tracked down Robbie Duncan after our first reports on the clinic to find out if he’s got any plan to help the dozens of men who say they’re still being billed thousands of dollars and not receiving any treatment.

Week after week, we receive more calls from men in the New Orleans area, former Spring View Medical Clinic patients. The Louisiana Attorney General’s office is also getting calls. It’s now got 23 consumer complaints filed against Spring View, the now-closed clinic that said it treated men for erectile dysfunction.

After our first reports, we tracked down Robbie Duncan. He’s listed on the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website as an officer and manager of Spring View. A spokesman for the Secretary of State says Duncan’s title on the paperwork generally conveys ownership.

In a text exchange, we asked Duncan if he would talk to us about Spring View.

“We are aware of the situation at Spring View Medical Clinic due to unexpected and unwanted circumstances. We are working diligently day and night to help our clients get treated and taken care of,” Duncan responded.


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We wanted to know if there’s a plan in place to help the men who’ve reached out to us, saying they still receive bills for thousands of dollars for treatment they’re no longer receiving.

Duncan simply responds, “We are working very diligently to help ensure these men receive the services they have paid for.”

We asked, does that mean Spring View is re-opening? The clinic closed abruptly in June with a note on the door, alerting its patients.

Duncan says, “We are pursuing all options that will enable us to help the client.”

In our reporting, we found more than 40 other clinics nationwide with ties to Spring View. Many of them are now closed. We also uncovered over 75 consumer complaints filed with Attorneys General nationwide from men complaining about those clinics.

The complaints we’ve read are similar to those of the men in the New Orleans area. The men say they didn’t see any results from the treatment. The clinics closed, but some patients are still being billed.

We asked Duncan when he said they’re pursuing options to help the client if that is also the case for the other now-closed clinics across the country.

“Again, we are working day and night to help our clients get taken care of,” Duncan stated.

Duncan wouldn’t respond when we requested an interview with him.

The men we’ve already spoken to say they want answers and need help as they’re faced with mounting bills while getting nothing in return.

The Louisiana Attorney General’s office works with partners in other states where complaints were filed against the clinics. The end goal would be to file litigation against the owners to try to get restitution for the patients.

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