Cody Lillich

Investigative Producer

New Orleans

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Zurik: Former state senator sentenced to probation, ordered to repay $188,000 state loan

Zurik: Disciplinary Committee recommends suspension for former court clerk

  Zurik: People tested at state coronavirus test sites wait more than two weeks for results

Former State Senator asks court for lesser sentence due to COVID-19 concerns

  Governor vetoes auto insurance premium reduction bill

Gov. Edwards signs bill that eliminates auto insurance ‘Patriot Penalty’ for deployed military

  Zurik: Airport vendor left local businesses and non-profits with reduced visibility and broken promises

INTERACTIVE MAP: COVID-19 Cases in Louisiana Nursing Homes

Zurik: City inspectors under investigation dodge pre-termination hearings with resignation and retirements

  Zurik: State lawmakers adjourned for 49 days due to COVID-19 and were still paid

  Zurik: Death toll at Lambeth House higher than initially reported by state officials

  Zurik: Doctor’s drive-thru Coronavirus testing methods, use of controversial drug questioned

Zurik: Judge denies injunction over crowded St. Tammany Jail cells, says jail has already taken ’significant’ measures regarding Coronavirus

Zurik: Attorneys ask judge to end St. Tammany Jail’s extended use of holding cells, citing concerns of COVID-19

Zurik: Attorneys request state, federal investigations into St. Tammany Jail’s cramped holding cells

  County-by-county COVID-19 tracker

  Zurik: Healthcare workers among the first to be tested at drive-thru sites have not received results

Zurik: Hundreds of tests taken in the early days of Coronavirus testing are still outstanding

  Zurik: Ventilator supply in New Orleans could run out next week, health leaders compete against other states to get more in stock

Zurik: Lawsuit filed over cramped St. Tammany holding cells, lawyers concerned for social distancing amid COVID-19

  Zurik: Hospitals increase capacity ahead of expected increase of COVID-19 patients

  Zurik: New Orleans continues to be one of the nation’s COVID-19 hot spots, analysis shows

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  Zurik: Jail numbers show crowded holding cells are isolated to St. Tammany jail

  Zurik: City to demote Safety and Permits Director following discrepancies by department’s inspectors

  Zurik: St. Tammany Jail keeping inmates in holding cells for weeks, violating state’s minimum jail standards

  Zurik: Additional discrepancies found in suspended building inspector’s past work

  Two Safety and Permits Inspectors placed on emergency suspension following FOX 8 Investigation