Greg Meriwether

WAFB Anchor
Baton Rouge, La.
Greg Meriwether

Greg Meriwether is an EMMY and Edward R. Murrow award-winning anchor and reporter heading into nearly two-decades at WAFB. Greg anchors our 5, 6, and 10 pm newscasts and is WAFB's Managing Editor.

Greg came to WAFB from Kentucky where he studied journalism and history at Western Kentucky University.

"I consider myself a 'purist' in our craft and believe in its history, and meaning," Meriwether said. "It’s our job to simply tell the stories of our time, plain and simple."

Faith, family and animals are really important to Greg.

2018 brought the arrival of what Greg and his wife call a true blessing from God, their first child Jack.

Greg's mother and father both live in Kentucky and he enjoys visiting them as often as he can- taking his wife, son and superstar dog Truman on road trips there several times throughout the year.

Greg has served on numerous boards throughout his time in Baton Rouge and is currently on the Greater Baton Rouge Salvation Army's advisory board and a long-serving member of WAFB's editorial board.

Greg is thankful for the love and support this community has shown him thanks his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all He has provided throughout the years.

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  • 3 time EMMY Award-winning writer, reporter and anchor
  • Edward R. Murrow award-winning writer, reporter and anchor
  • Associated Press News Anchor of the Year 2017
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