Lee Zurik

Lee Zurik

As the city of New Orleans's most honored investigative reporter, Lee Zurik has been uncovering and reporting impactful stories on WVUE since 2009. Following up his tenacious inquiries with detailed analysis and powerful storytelling, Lee delivers unprecedented accountability of government officials, private citizens and corporations.

Recent Articles by Lee

Zurik: Former state senator sentenced to probation, ordered to repay $188,000 state loan

Zurik: Disciplinary Committee recommends suspension for former court clerk

  Zurik: People tested at state coronavirus test sites wait more than two weeks for results

  True toll of COVID-19 in nursing homes still unknown

Former State Senator asks court for lesser sentence due to COVID-19 concerns

  Geared Up: Questions about police militarization arise again

Gov. Edwards signs bill that eliminates auto insurance ‘Patriot Penalty’ for deployed military

  New federal COVID-19 nursing home data fraught with inaccuracies, overcounts and undercounts

  Students with disabilities are receiving unequal education in remote learning

  Zurik: Airport vendor left local businesses and non-profits with reduced visibility and broken promises

  Dozens of nursing homes cited for infection-related deficiencies early this year now have COVID-19 cases

Zurik: City inspectors under investigation dodge pre-termination hearings with resignation and retirements

  Zurik: State lawmakers adjourned for 49 days due to COVID-19 and were still paid

  Zurik: Death toll at Lambeth House higher than initially reported by state officials

  Drug Dependence: COVID-19 weakens already fragile U.S. drug supply

  Congressman calls on FAA to suspend airport bailout payments until funding formula is changed

  Zurik: Doctor’s drive-thru Coronavirus testing methods, use of controversial drug questioned

Some nursing homes now battling COVID-19 previously cited for infection-control failures

  ‘Windfall’: Funding formula allows some small airports to cash in big on stimulus money

Zurik: Judge denies injunction over crowded St. Tammany Jail cells, says jail has already taken ’significant’ measures regarding Coronavirus

Zurik: Attorneys ask judge to end St. Tammany Jail’s extended use of holding cells, citing concerns of COVID-19

  Severe coronavirus cases on pace to overwhelm ICU availability in urban and rural areas

Zurik: Attorneys request state, federal investigations into St. Tammany Jail’s cramped holding cells

  County-by-county COVID-19 tracker

  Zurik: Healthcare workers among the first to be tested at drive-thru sites have not received results

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

Zurik: Hundreds of tests taken in the early days of Coronavirus testing are still outstanding

  Zurik: Ventilator supply in New Orleans could run out next week, health leaders compete against other states to get more in stock

Zurik: Lawsuit filed over cramped St. Tammany holding cells, lawyers concerned for social distancing amid COVID-19

  Zurik: Hospitals increase capacity ahead of expected increase of COVID-19 patients