Lee Zurik

Lee Zurik

As the city of New Orleans's most honored investigative reporter, Lee Zurik has been uncovering and reporting impactful stories on WVUE since 2009. Following up his tenacious inquiries with detailed analysis and powerful storytelling, Lee delivers unprecedented accountability of government officials, private citizens and corporations.

Recent Articles by Lee

  Zurik: New group emerges hoping to make dream of a football stadium in the Ninth Ward a reality

  Large swaths of rural America are health care deserts with too few primary care doctors, pediatricians, and OB-GYNs to care for residents

  Zurik: Third investigator believes 2005 death was a murder, says witnesses recanted out of fear

  People are dying earlier and facing more severe health issues in many rural communities

  Zurik: Fmr. Sheriff Jack Stephens answers questions regarding 2005 death in nearly two-hour deposition

  Zurik: Missing autopsy photo, initial statements fuel investigators’ suspicions around 2005 death

  Zurik: Father thinks son’s death and investigation were strangled

  Zurik: Councilmember’s use of security detail included personal errands

  Zurik: Some members of City Council security are not eligible to perform security tasks

  State laws and the lack of government oversight leave a multi-billion-dollar DNA paternity industry unchecked

  Zurik: Forged signature raises questions about test for sexually transmitted diseases

  Zurik: Helipad move rattles neighbors’ nerves, project done without proper city permits

Zurik: Supreme Court disbars former state senator at the center of several FOX 8 Investigations

  Zurik: Councilmember says city’s financial crisis will play into vote over tax exemptions

  Zurik: City investigating ‘discrepancies’ between Folgers’ city permit, state tax exemption applications

  Zurik: Newly hired RTA CEO has trail of ‘retaliation’ complaints, including a six-figure settlement to keep complaint quiet

Pattern of Protection

  Zurik: Councilmember asks state board to deny Folgers request for retroactive tax exemptions

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

  Penalties at Play: Millions of dollars flow to nursing homes from fines they have paid for poor care

  Closing and Cashing In: Coronavirus relief funding goes to colleges with histories of financial instability and plans to close

  ISOLATED: States begin to allow nursing home visitors but face PPE shortages, logistical questions

  Licensed to Pill: Big opioid prescriber indicted on federal charges

  Tech giants police their own online campaign ads as government disagrees on regulation

  Misreported Deaths: Government count of nursing home COVID-19 cases still inaccurate despite criticism

  COVID on Campus: At the largest universities, data vary widely and lacks transparency

  Four million Americans waited more than 4 weeks for their first unemployment check

HHS Secretary: Possible COVID-19 vaccines in Phase 3, Letter to Governors was to ‘Plan now for the best case scenario’

  Special oversight of the nation’s worst nursing homes still leaves residents at risk

  Some of the worst nursing homes in the country are waitlisted for extra oversight