Heart of Louisiana

  Heart of Louisiana: The Tammany Trace

One of the best long-distance bikeways in Louisiana is located on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain in southern St. Tammany Parish.

  Heart of Louisiana: ‘Glamping’ in state parks

  Heart of Louisiana: Louisiana Marketshops at the 115

  Heart of Louisiana: Alexandria’s Lee St. riot

  Heart of Louisiana: Bluegrass at the Hi-Ho Lounge

  Heart of Louisiana: Lake Claiborne and Lake D’Arbonne

  Heart of Louisiana: Lighthouses in the town of Berwick

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  Heart of Louisiana: Capitol Park Museum

  Heart of Louisiana: Jack ‘Mr. Mac’ McNamara

  Heart of Louisiana: Davell Crawford’s ‘Down by the Riverside’

  Heart of Louisiana: Cajun Document Exhibit

  Heart of Louisiana: Jimmie Davis State Park reopens and Caney Lake fishing

  Heart of Louisiana: Leo Ortego

  Heart of Louisiana: Charles Page’s airship

This may be one of the more remarkable moments in aviation history that you’ve never heard of.

  Heart of Louisiana: 1812 Hurricane

August 19 marks the anniversary of the great Hurricane of 1812.

  Heart of Louisiana: Palmetto Island State Park

It’s a great place to rent a canoe and explore a South Louisiana swamp that has plenty of alligators.

  Heart of Louisiana: Poverty Point Reservoir State Park

It’s a Louisiana state park that is located in an area where native people lived thousands of years ago. Today, there is great fishing and a beach for swimming near the site of ancient mounds.

  Heart of Louisiana: The story of Louis Armstrong

  Heart of Louisiana: Bernardo de Galvez and the Battle of Baton Rouge

  Heart of Louisiana: Fausse Cypress

  Heart of Louisiana: Lead Belly

  Heart of Louisiana: Hadacol

  Heart of Louisiana: Residents head to state parks

  Heart of Louisiana: Watson Brake

It’s a complex of ancient mounds hidden in the woods of North Louisiana south of Monroe known as “Watson Brake”. Since much of the site is on private property, it’s not a place you can visit.

  Heart of Lousiana: Dew Drop Blues

A lot of people credit the Mississippi Delta Region for giving birth to the Blues. But a Grammy-winning Louisiana Blues artist says that’s all wrong and he’s out to set history straight.

  Heart of Louisiana: Honey Island Clydesdales

When you think of Clydesdales, you likely associate them with a major beer company. But these Clydesdales live on the edge of the Honey Island Swamp in Pearl River.

  Heart of Louisiana: Tim Laughlin

It’s become an evening ritual for a small group of friends and neighbors who gather proper distancing on a French Quarter street enjoying a sound that started here more than a month ago.

  Heart of Louisiana: Online Jazz Tour

It’s now easier to do a deep dive into the history of Jazz and you don’t have to leave home to do it.

  Heart of Louisiana: Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge

This nature walk is tucked away along the southern edge of St. Tammany Parish near where Bayou Lacombe meets Lake Pontchartrain.

Heart of Louisiana: Historic New Orleans Collection goes online

With museums around the country shut down, curators are pushing more of their content online creating virtual exhibitions.

  Heart of Louisiana: Woodlands Conservancy

As everyone follows orders to stay home, but still get some fresh air and take a walk, there’s a place that’s a short drive from New Orleans where you can immerse yourself in nature.

  Heart of Louisiana: Louisiana Rising

Here in Louisiana, we have some of the best artists in the world who are stepping forward to share their songs with our broadcast viewers.

  Louisiana musicians participate in series of virtual concerts

Louisiana Rising virtual concert series.

  Heart of Louisiana: Kisatchie National Forest’s wild azalea trail

If you want to really practice social distancing and enjoy some of the best scenery in Louisiana, now may be a good time to head to Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest.

  Heart of Louisiana: Bayou Eagles

One of the hottest eagle viewing spots is in Western Terrebonne Parish near the town of Gibson.

  Heart of Louisiana: Henry Gray remembered

Funeral services were held in Baton Rouge Tuesday for famed blues piano player Henry Gray, who died February 17 at the age of 95.

Heart of Louisiana: Barn Hill Animal Preserve

The young red kangaroos, or joeys, seem perfectly content nibbling on the green grass of their Louisiana home.

  Heart of Louisiana: Dance and Feathers

Ronald Lewis started his own backyard museum, to tell the history and preserve the culture of the black Mardi Gras Indians.

  Heart of Louisiana: Frenchies

As American troops stormed ashore and dropped behind German lines in the invasion of France, one of the many barriers they faced was language, being able to communicate with French villagers and resistance fighters.

  Heart of Louisiana: The Public Belt Railroad

For more than a century, the Public Belt Railroad has been moving cargo in and out of the Port of New Orleans and across the Mississippi River.

  Heart of Louisiana: Willie’s Campground Jam

It’s a small campground in a small historic Louisiana town but the place comes alive once a week when musicians gather on stage.

  Heart of Louisiana: Poydras Street sculptures

The Poydras Street sculpture initiative began 7 years ago and has displayed nearly three dozen sculptures.

  Heart of Louisiana: Endangered Places

One of their current projects is a saloon turned grocery store in Donaldsonville.

  Heart of Louisiana: Great Fire

Just as the 20th century was beginning, Lake Charles was a city of ashes.

  Heart of Louisiana: Acadian Village

Our great-great ancestors often had to find remedies for illness in their own gardens. Those healing traditions are still being taught at an Acadian village in Lafayette.

  Heart of Louisiana: Guy Budden’s Store

Guy Budden’s Store in the village of Palmetto grew up along the railroad tracks that cut an east-west path across the middle of Louisiana.

  Heart of Louisiana: Gerstner Field

Army troops began arriving at Gerstner Field in late 1917 to train above the marshes of southwest Louisiana at an airbase that was taken out of service 100 years ago this month.

  Heart of Lousiana: 422 Yams

With thanksgiving meals being served this week, there’s a good chance that a sweet potato casserole or pie is on the menu. in Louisiana, that sweet orange vegetable is called a ‘yam’. So, what’s the difference?

  Heart of Louisiana: A Creole Fiddler story

He’s considered a Louisiana musical treasure, a fiddler from Opelousas who some are calling the last of the creole fiddlers. He learned to play at creole house dances and he can still scratch out an old song on his violin.

  Heart of Louisiana: The Great Raft

It was a log jam hundreds of years in the making that blocked any boat traffic on Louisiana’s Red River and it wasn’t until the mid-19th century when a riverboat captain figured out how to clear the mess.

  Heart of Louisiana: Tiny Town

The entire village of Mound covers an area of one-half square mile.

Heart of Louisiana: Castle Trees

A north Louisiana state park has one of the biggest, most unique cypress trees you’ll find anywhere in the state. It’s nicknamed the “castle tree.”

  Heart of Louisiana: Nonc Bob’s Auction House

The weekly sale is held at Nonc Bob’s Auction House in Evangeline Parish.

  Heart of Louisiana: Cajun Radio

It's a different kind of radio station from what you usually hear these days.

  Heart of Louisiana: Glassblowing studio teaches 2,000 year old art

It’s a form of art that dates back more than 2,000 years, where molten glass is blown into different shapes of glassware. And you can watch how it’s done at a studio in Algiers called the Rosetree Blown Glass Studio.

  Heart of Louisiana: Chennault Military Museum

The Flying Tigers were a symbol of U.S. air combat in the Pacific in WWII. Their commander was Claire Chennault, who grew up in north Louisiana.

  Heart of Louisiana: Bousillage House

On the outside, it just looks like an old house, well-worn but still livable. But, when you step inside, the aging structure is full of treasures that its owner, J.D. Soileau, chose to tell a story of how people lived a century ago

  Heart of Louisiana: Vermilionville Jam

If you want to hear authentic Cajun music and see how the south Louisiana music is being passed down from one generation to the next, just head on over to the Vermilionville weekly jam sessions in Lafayette.

  Heart of Louisiana: Alexandria Museum of Art

For years, the Alexandria Museum of Art has been acquiring new pieces, not only from some of the state’s better known artists, but also art from students and their instructors.

  Heart of Louisiana: Leatherwood Museum

The town of Oakdale has its Leatherwood Museum, in a two-story building that dates back to 1888.

  Heart of Louisiana: Multicultural Center of the South

The Multicultural Center of the South is a museum that recognizes the fact that the people living in a particular area likely have roots that stretch around the world

  Heart of Louisiana: Big Sky Ranch

What began as one woman’s attempt to help stray cats in her neighborhood has grown into a ranch with hundreds of animals of all types and sizes.

  Heart of Louisiana: Swamp Pop Museum

The unique blend of rock and roll music known as swamp pop grew popular in the dance halls of south Louisiana and managed to score a few top hits in the 1950s and 1960s.

  Heart of Louisiana: Swamp Base

A Louisiana swamp has become an adventure destination for teenage scouts from across the country to take a deep into the Atchafalaya Basin for a week of paddling, camping and discovery at Swamp Base.

  Heart of Louisiana: Saturn V Rockets

It is still the most powerful rocket ever built -- the Saturn V 1C Booster -- and it was build right here in Louisiana.

  Heart of Louisiana: Fort Jackson

For nearly two centuries, the 8-foot thick brick walls of Fort Jackson have survived being hit by thousands of Civil War cannonballs and some of the most severe hurricanes of the 20th century.

  Heart of Louisiana: Gator Chateau

It may be one of the more unusual interstate highway rest stops. But if you are traveling I-10 through Southwest Louisiana, you can take a break at Jennings and pet an alligator.

  Heart of Louisiana: City Park Sculpture Garden

If you think you might enjoy a leisurely walk through an outdoor garden of sculptures, the New Orleans Museum of Art has stepped up its game with a whole new exhibit.

Heart of Louisiana: Cajun paratrooper

Days away from the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the world is remembering the many tragic stories of the deadly war -- including one involving a Cajun paratrooper.

  Heart of Louisiana: Chitimacha baskets

The Chitimacha people have been weaving baskets from river cane for centuries. Now, only four weavers are left.

  Heart of Louisiana: Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Different regions of the South lay claim to having great southern cooking and you can learn all about them at one museum in New Orleans.

  Heart of Louisiana: Live oak arboretum

All across Louisiana, you can find centuries-old live oak trees still standing, but one Church Point farmer is doing his part to ensure they will continue to thrive for even more centuries to come.

  Heart of Louisiana: Cajun French Music Hall of Fame

The Southwest Louisiana town of Eunice has become a hotbed for Cajun music, and if you want to learn more about the legends of Cajun French music, you can see them all in a Hall of Fame Museum.

  Heart of Louisiana: The SS New York

It’s early September 1896 and the steamship SS New York has just left Galveston for a trip to New Orleans when it runs straight into a fierce hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

  Heart of Louisiana: Jim Bowie

It was on a sandbar not far from a spot on the Mississippi River near Vidalia, LA, where frontiersman Jim Bowie made a name for himself and his knife. Born in Kentucky, Bowie grew up in Catahoula Parish.

  Heart of Louisiana: Bluebonnet Swamp

The Bluebonnet Swamp is a nature preserve, tucked away within the urban sprawl of Baton Rouge.

  Heart of Louisiana: Rosenwald School in Donaldsonville

Thousands of Rosenwald Schools were built in the early 20th Century as a way to educate black children living in the rural South. Few are still standing, including one in Donaldsonville.

  Heart of Louisiana: Longue Vue House and Gardens

It’s the perfect time to visit one of the many grand gardens of Louisiana, one of which was created by an heiress of the Sears Roebuck Company.

  Heart of Louisiana: Fish Hatchery

Great fishing in Louisiana’s lakes and bayous doesn’t always happen automatically. The state Wildlife and Fisheries Department plays a big hand in making sure there are fish to catch.

Heart of Louisiana: Amede Ardoin

Today's popular Zydeco music was born on the prairies of southwest Louisiana. It evolved from music that was first performed, and recorded by French-speaking creoles like Amede Ardoin.

  Heart of Louisiana: Biking the Beast

While it seems a bit out of place Louisiana, some biking enthusiasts say one of the best trails for mountain biking is right here in the Bayou State -- “The Beast.”