Gr8 Neighbors Thibodaux Health Care

  Gr8 Neighbors bring cheer and style to nursing home residents

Volunteers bring fresh hairstyles and lots of cheer to nursing home residents in Thibodaux

  Gr8 Neighbor delivers cool relief to disaster areas

It’s been called one of the coolest pay-it-forward campaigns around, bringing a ray of hope to people who’ve been through a natural disaster.

  Gr8 Neighbor: Slidell Ladies for Liberty

Slidell Ladies for Liberty is group dedicated to adopting local deployed military men and women, sending them care packages every month.

  Gr8 Neighbor changing lives of former female inmates

Rhonda Oliver knows first hand how difficult it can be to transition back into society after being incarcerated, so she is works to make the process easier for women with nowhere else to turn.

  Gr8 neighbor delivers diapers to needy

A Slidell woman is on a mission to help young mothers and elderly people in our area who struggle to afford diapers. Robin Grigsby started Holy Diapers two years ago and has helped countless people in need.

FOX 8 Gr8 Neighbor helping children, animals through her rescue

A South Louisiana woman is combining her love of kids and animals to help rescue both, and she's doing it with little help from the outside. Shari Champagne is a FOX 8 Gr8 neighbor.

  Gr8 Neighbor: Hammond high school student launches blessing boxes

A Hammond high school student is giving back to the community, one blessing at a time. This Gr8 Neighbor is hoping it will have a ripple effect across the state.

  Abramson Sci Academy band director is a Gr8 Neighbor

Band director at Abramson Sci Academy Johnnie Van Buren is giving back to the school that shaped who he is today, and that's what makes him a Gr8 Neighbor.

  Gr8 Neighbor gives the gift of life

A Laplace woman woman takes the words love thy neighbor literally.

  Gr8 Neighbor: Woman released from prison helps others get back on their feet

Spending more than a decade behind bars would change anyone. But Maryam Henderson-Uloho used the experience to transform lives. Not only her own....but those of hundreds of others.
  Heart of Louisiana: Big Sky Ranch
  Heart of Louisiana: Swamp Pop Museum
  Heart of Louisiana: Swamp Base
  Heart of Louisiana: Saturn V Rockets
  Heart of Louisiana: Fort Jackson
  Heart of Louisiana: City Park Sculpture Garden
Heart of Louisiana: Cajun paratrooper
  Heart of Louisiana: Chitimacha baskets
  Heart of Louisiana: Southern Food and Beverage Museum
  Heart of Louisiana: Live oak arboretum


  Reports of armed intruder in Coates Hall at LSU

Weekend could be stormy

Meraux man arrested in connection several home burglaries and car theft

The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office says a Meraux man has been arrested in connection with several home burglaries and a car theft in the same neighborhood he lived in.