Zurik: New group emerges hoping to make dream of a football stadium in the Ninth Ward a reality

Nearly two years after FOX 8 and The Athletic investigated the financial mismanagement of a group that promised a so-called Field of Dreams in the Ninth Ward, a new group has formed to make that dream a reality.

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: Business owners say stalled street repairs have cut off customers

  Vehicle burglary in Treme quickly turns violent

  THE INVESTIGATORS: LWC flagged by legislative auditor for potential improper unemployment payments

Gloria Scott case follow up possible if additional evidence brought forward, New Orleans officers say

THE INVESTIGATORS: Coastal Bridge owner known for costly construction delays arrested for skipping Disney World COVID screening

  Grounded: Some cities lost more than half their flights amid COVID-19

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  Zurik: Third investigator believes 2005 death was a murder, says witnesses recanted out of fear

  FOX 8 Defenders: Giant pothole in Treme neighborhood

  FOX 8 Defenders: Touro Shakspeare could be restored, leased

FOX 8 Defenders: Navigating access to unemployment benefits

  Juvenile accused of committing 59 crimes across New Orleans

  Zurik: Fmr. Sheriff Jack Stephens answers questions regarding 2005 death in nearly two-hour deposition

  Zurik: Missing autopsy photo, initial statements fuel investigators’ suspicions around 2005 death

In Part 2 of Strangled, a photo in an autopsy file vanishes, and another investigator -- believes Joey Georgusis did not die of an overdose.

  Zurik: Father thinks son’s death and investigation were strangled

FOX 8 Investigates why deputies from another parish responded to the 2005 death of Joey Georgusis hours before a 911 call was made.

  CRIMETACKER: Juvenile offenders

Kids are getting arrested across New Orleans for car break-ins, carjacking, and even murder.

  Zurik: Councilmember’s use of security detail included personal errands

The use of a city-owned vehicle is supposed to be for city services. But FOX 8 has found that a New Orleans city council member has been using her city-issued vehicle and provided security detail to run personal errands.

  Zurik: Some members of City Council security are not eligible to perform security tasks

  JPSO: Juvenile tries to burglarize a vehicle as a detective sat inside

  UPDATE: Second suspect arrested in string of armed robberies and carjackings in two parishes

  State laws and the lack of government oversight leave a multi-billion-dollar DNA paternity industry unchecked

  Zurik: Forged signature raises questions about test for sexually transmitted diseases

  Police investigate two uptown carjackings. One victim is a Tulane student

  CRIMETRACKER: Victims of violent crime living in fear

Over 40 people were shot in the last month, and carjackings are on the rise.

  Zurik: Helipad move rattles neighbors’ nerves, project done without proper city permits

The relocation of a helicopter landing site at a New Orleans hospital has neighbors upset after having little to no input in the move. The project was also completed without the proper permits being issued by the City of New Orleans.

  NOPD’s 7th District Commander: “We’re solving a lot of cases out here.”

People who live and work in New Orleans East say they’re constantly afraid.

  Armed Robbery victim: “They acted like they were at work with no hesitation”

Two armed robbery victims in New Orleans East says they’re disgusted with crime. They believe their attackers were juveniles.

  Criminal Justice stakeholders meet to discuss ways to solve city’s crime problem

The Criminal Justice Stakeholders come together, recognizing there’s a crime problem.

  MCC Report: Nearly half of all violent crime over the past 5 years happened in the 7th and 5th Districts

According to the report, there’s been a substantial increase in both carjackings and vehicle burglaries in the Lakeview and Gentilly areas.

Zurik: Supreme Court disbars former state senator at the center of several FOX 8 Investigations

Wesley Bishop, a former state senator who was the subject of several investigations by FOX 8′s Lee Zurik, has been permanently disbarred by the Supreme Court of Louisiana after his guilty plea in federal court to making false statements to a federal agency.

  Fox 8 Defenders: Lakeview homeowner receiving high water bills, little assistance from SWB

A New Orleans woman has been receiving bills nearly five times higher than normal since October of 2019.

  NOPD faces challenges in the new year

Chief Shaun Ferguson wants to re-assure the public that his department will remain committed to stopping crime, but he says they face some serious challenges in 2021.

  NOPD arrests 15-year-old in connection with Morrison Rd. homicide

NOPD says the suspect surrendered to police Thursday and was accompanied by his father.

  Shooter may have shot his accomplice during Lakeview ambush

It turns out, when two gunmen ambushed and opened fire on a Lakeview homeowner Tuesday morning, one of them may have shot the other.

  Lakeview man believes he’s lucky to be alive after he was ambushed in his driveway

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video.

Homicide, carjacking and aggravated burglary unfolds within hours in New Orleans East

“We have to live in fear and people work hard for the things that they earn and to be carjacked is really sad. I just think we need more police officers in New Orleans East."

  2020 ends with a dramatic increase in homicides, shootings and carjackings in NOLA

As 2020 comes to an end, the violence that plaques the city continues.

  VIDEO: Thief steals car while owner puts air in tires

A Lakeview man is searching for his car after a thief took off in it while he was still hanging on.

  Parents of a 14-year-old murder victim killed on Christmas want answers

14-year-old Jamere Alfred couldn’t wait for Christmas day.

  Police investigate the city’s 200th homicide victim of 2020

The 200th victim, a female, who police say may also be the suspect of an armed carjacking.

  Zurik: Councilmember says city’s financial crisis will play into vote over tax exemptions

The New Orleans City Council will meet on Thursday and decide whether or not to allow Folgers Coffee Company to receive tax exemptions on work that was completed years ago at their New Orleans East facilities.

  Zurik: City investigating ‘discrepancies’ between Folgers’ city permit, state tax exemption applications

On the heels of a Thursday meeting where the New Orleans City Council will vote on whether to grant Folgers Coffee Company millions of dollars in retroactive tax exemptions, the city is now looking into another issue where the company could owe money.

  Zurik: Newly hired RTA CEO has trail of ‘retaliation’ complaints, including a six-figure settlement to keep complaint quiet

On the job for just over a year, Regional Transit Authority CEO Alex Wiggins already has allegations of retaliation, like those at his previous public transit jobs, uncovered by FOX 8 Investigates.

  Crimetracker: Brazen attempted armed robbery in New Orleans East

Citywide, carjacking incidents spiked 118 percent, according to city-data.

Second battery case against OLOL doctor being investigated

The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office is now investigating a second case involving Our Lady of the Lake Dr. Shane McKinney, the 9News Investigators have learned.

  Zurik: Councilmember asks state board to deny Folgers request for retroactive tax exemptions

A New Orleans City Councilmember says a major company is using a loophole to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes owed to the city and now she wants a state board to put a stop to it.

  CRIMETRACKER: Carjackings spike in New Orleans 106 percent

According to city data, carjackings are up 106 percent this year compared to last.

  Crimetracker: Rise in violence across New Orleans

“This year, we know and acknowledge that homicides are up,” says NOPD Police Chief Shaun Ferguson.

  Victim encourages awareness after NOPD investigates purse snatching case

On a Sunday afternoon, and during the age of Covid, Hannah Perkins was just hoping to enjoy a low-risk meal, dining outside with some friends in Mid-City.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Homeowner waited months for iron fence job

A New Orleans homeowner paid thousands of dollars on a down payment to add a sense of security around her home, but for months she didn’t think the job would ever get completed.

  Nurse practitioner field grapples with question of whether to standardize curriculum nationwide

Nurse practitioners are questioning their own education at some colleges. There’s no national standard on how to educate nurse practitioners, while medical education for doctors was standardized more than 100 years ago.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Illegally dumped tires in New Orleans East

In other areas along Chef Menteur Highway, you can see tires randomly littering the side of the roadway.

  FOX 8 Defenders: I-10 lights project in N.O. East near completion

After years of complaints from residents and motorists, some now say they're pleasantly surprised with what they see along a main corridor into New Orleans. The FOX 8 Defenders have learned a significant Interstate 10 lighting project is much closer to completion in New Orleans East.

  Zurik: Employees say airport contractor forced them to commit unemployment fraud

A group of workers for a national airport services contractor say their employer forced them to work their full schedule but claim unemployment for a portion of their paycheck.

Louisiana a ‘yellow zone’ state in latest White House report, Governor cautions testing needs to increase after Laura

After being listed for weeks as a ‘red zone’ state in White House Coronavirus Task Force reports, Louisiana is now listed in the so-called ’yellow zone’ for both new cases and test positivity. But state leaders warn overall testing has been down due to last week's hurricane.

Zurik: Former St. Tammany DA Walter Reed released from federal prison, will serve rest of his sentence at home

Former St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed has been moved from a minimum-security prison in West Virginia and will now be serving the rest of his sentence at home in Covington.

  Zurik: Watchdog, Community members say New Orleans company owes millions on years-old improvements

Improvement projects were made at the New Orleans Folgers plant in 2017, but since that time the company has delayed a decision on a tax exemption. A watchdog group says the company should owe the city millions in taxes on the project over the years-long delay.

Zurik: Wesley Bishop’s law license suspended following sentencing in federal case

Former State Senator Wesley Bishop has been suspended from practicing law after he was sentenced in July for falsifying federal loan documents related to his rental property.

White House Task Force notes ‘stability’ in Louisiana, recommends ‘aggressive’ testing for shrimpers

The White House Coronavirus Task Force notes 'stability' in new cases and percent positivity in tests in the latest report sent to Governor John Bel Edwards on August 10.

PROTECT YOUR MONEY: That IRS identification letter might not be a scam

Some people have been getting letters from the Internal Revenue Service asking for identification verification.

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: Appliances strewn across lawn frustrate neighbors who say homeowner was previously cited

Washer and dryers strewn across the front of a house in the 4700 block of Viola Street frustrate neighbors.

51 parishes classified in ‘Red Zone’ in latest White House Coronavirus Task Force report

In a weekly report compiled by the White House Coronavirus Task Force, 51 parishes are being classified in a so-called ‘Red Zone’, suggesting further restrictions to help control the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Follow-up investigation into appliance repair man

Several consumers reached out to the FOX 8 Defenders during the pandemic after an essential part of their household stopped working. Now we're learning there's no record the repair business in question has the required license to do the work.

Zurik: Former state senator sentenced to probation, ordered to repay $188,000 state loan

Former State Senator Wesley Bishop was sentenced to four years of probation for providing false information to a federal housing agency relating to his rental property in New Orleans East. Bishop received a $188,000 loan to provide the property for rent to low-income tenants.

Zurik: Disciplinary Committee recommends suspension for former court clerk

A committee has recommended suspension of the law license for a former court clerk in the First City Court who had thousands in questionable spending in his last days in office.

  Zurik: People tested at state coronavirus test sites wait more than two weeks for results

One couple tested in late June at a Northshore test site are still waiting on their results 16 days after being tested.

Former State Senator asks court for lesser sentence due to COVID-19 concerns

A former state senator awaiting sentencing on a charge of making false statements to a federal agency is asking a federal judge for a lighter sentence due to COVID-19 concerns.

  FOX 8 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Why does this keep happening?’ A woman and 9-year-old carjacked in front of house twice in a week

New Orleans East family held at gunpoint and carjacked in front of home early Monday morning.

Gov. Edwards signs bill that eliminates auto insurance ‘Patriot Penalty’ for deployed military

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill Tuesday that would end the so-called Patriot Penalty where members of the military who are deployed are charged for a lapse in coverage during their deployment. The penalty was the focus of an investigation by FOX 8 News and Investigate TV into the p

  FOX 8 Defenders: Many await indefinitely full refunds for cruise trips

Many await refunds for months as cruise lines say they're backed up from a high volume of requests.

  Wrong video conference help line routes to scammers

Incorrect tech support numbers posted on the internet lead to scammers trying to trick consumers into giving up their credit card information.

  Zurik: Airport vendor left local businesses and non-profits with reduced visibility and broken promises

When the new terminal at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport opened it had several New Orleans features included -- but its what was missing that has some local businesses feeling left at the gate.

INTERACTIVE MAP: COVID-19 Cases in Louisiana Nursing Homes

The Louisiana Department of Health has released data about COVID-19 cases at specific nursing homes in the state. See a map that plots this data for nursing homes across the state.

  Dozens of nursing homes cited for infection-related deficiencies early this year now have COVID-19 cases

An analysis of state nursing home inspections and records of COVID-19 infections associated with nursing homes by the Washington Post reveals dozens of facilities had infection-related violations in the months before coronavirus infections.

  Watching Your Wallet: Scammers found infiltrating legitimate job posting sites

Scammers are looking to take advantage of unemployed and furloughed workers looking for job online. They're even using common job search websites to target people.

Zurik: City inspectors under investigation dodge pre-termination hearings with resignation and retirements

Three city building inspectors who are under investigation for signing off on inspections without physically being at the worksite have avoided pre-termination hearings at City Hall by submitting resignation and retirement requests.

  Zurik: State lawmakers adjourned for 49 days due to COVID-19 and were still paid

State lawmakers collected nearly $1,000,000 in per diem payments for the legislative session in March and April, even though they were never there.

  Zurik: Death toll at Lambeth House higher than initially reported by state officials

Initial reports had the death toll at the Lambeth House at 13 people, as of late March. FOX 8 reached out to the families of those who died and reviewed coroner’s documents to show that 23 residents of the Lambeth House died from COVID-19.

  Released inmates supervised on ankle monitors but their type of release could make a big difference

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the city’s jail population decreased from more than a thousand in March to just under 800 today.

  Zurik: Doctor’s drive-thru Coronavirus testing methods, use of controversial drug questioned

Testing has been at the forefront of concerns of getting a handle on the coronavirus outbreak that has sickened thousands in Louisiana and killed more than 1,500 people. But one doctor’s drive-thru testing method and use of a controversial drug has one medical expert saying it is not good medicine.

Zurik: Judge denies injunction over crowded St. Tammany Jail cells, says jail has already taken ’significant’ measures regarding Coronavirus

A federal district court judge has denied a group of attorneys’ efforts for an injunction to stop the St. Tammany Parish Jail’s crowded jail cells. The attorneys filed the request for a temporary injunction citing concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak in Louisiana.