Body of Evidence

Brister: Coroner's documents are not sufficient

Galvan gave the parish 17 vacation- and sick-leave request forms, nine of which were signed and dated February 28, 2013. That's one day after FOX 8 revealed the Facebook photos of his travels.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Ethics Board charges Galvan

Lee Zurik Investigation: Peter Galvan's golden parachute

Lee Zurik Investigation: Whistle-blowers discuss Galvan's fall

Lee Zurik Investigation: Taxpayers aren't done paying Peter Galvan

Lee Zurik Investigation: Auditor reviews Galvan's taste for fine wine

Lee Zurik Investigation: Feds charge St. Tammany coroner; Galvan to resign

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Lee Zurik Investigation: FBI delivers subpoenas at Galvan's practice

Lee Zurik Investigation: State treasurer, St. Tammany politicians sign Galvan recall petition

Lee Zurik Investigation: As Galvan pushes for new hire, recall effort picks up

Lee Zurik Investigation: Help wanted at the coroner's office

Lee Zurik Investigation: Peter Galvan... construction manager?

Lee Zurik Investigation: Galvan’s lawsuit just “a lot of fluff"?

Lee Zurik Investigation: St. Tammany Parish files double-barreled suit against coroner

St. Tammany Parish has filed suit against its own coroner, individually and in his capacity as a public official. It's the latest legal move in the fight over control of Dr. Peter Galvan's office.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Who paid for Dr. Galvan's boating fun?

Sources close to the St. Tammany Parish coroner's office have told FOX 8 News why the FBI raided the coroner's office last month. But those same sources say the raid did not take place in just one place. Apparently it was a coordinated operation, with a sharp focus.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Galvan's finances in hands of Parish Council - now what?

Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a bill into law, handing over control of the St. Tammany Parish coroner's finances to the Parish Council. It allows the council to set salaries and approve spending in the office. But reining in those finances will not be a simple task.

Lee Zurik Investigation: St. Tammany coroner's CFO resigns

Kim Kelly made a six-figure salary with Dr. Peter Galvan's office. Our investigation showed she had many questionable charges on her public credit card, including spending public money on groceries.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Full Senate to consider Galvan bill

Lee Zurik Investigation: House passes bill to curb Galvan's powers

Lee Zurik Investigation: Galvan a no-show, sends staffer to House committee

Lee Zurik Investigation: Lawmaker's bill could hit Galvan where it hurts

Lee Zurik Investigation: FBI widens Galvan probe

Lee Zurik Investigation: Police chief says Body of Evidence makes him sick

Lee Zurik Investigation: Breaking down Slidell's payments to coroner

Fresh answers from city officials in Slidell help us examine the city's working relationship with Dr. Peter Galvan, but they also raise yet more questions.

Lee Zurik Investigation: FBI wants Slidell's records in Galvan probe

Sources in St. Tammany Parish tell FOX 8 News the City of Slidell has received a subpoena from the FBI, asking for documents related to a contract with Dr. Peter Galvan.

Lee Zurik Investigation: "Concerned Citizens" groups to attempt coroner recall

A recall would allow voters to pick a new coroner and new salaries for Galvan's replacements and employees.  But it's a difficult undertaking.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Coroner likely to keep high salary

We'll explain why the state constitution may help Dr. Peter Galvan keep his salary and we'll examine some questionable land deals, as well as the coroner's financial arrangement with one North Shore city.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Parish leaders cry foul over coroner cash-outs

The St. Tammany Parish Council Chairman calls it bad government. A CPA says it may be fraudulent. We dig deeper into the records we uncovered that show the parish coroner and some of his high-ranking employees may have illegally paid themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Lee Zurik Investigation: FBI investigating St. Tammany coroner

The feds are demanding that Dr. Peter Galvan turn over several documents, including credit card statements and other records of expenditures at the coroner's office.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Citizens group begins Galvan recall effort

To hold a recall election for a parish-wide official in St. Tammany Parish, signatures would need to be collected from 53,000 registered voters.

Lee Zurik Investigation: How many cars does a coroner need?

We became curious after we sent a simple request to the St. Tammany Parish Coroner asking for a list of all employee take home vehicles, and who the coroner assigned them to.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Galvan's salary, wet bar face scrutiny

Drawings of the St. Tammany Parish Coroner's new complex in Lacombe show the good doctor has a wet bar attached to his office -- and taxpayers paid for it.

Lee Zurik Investigation: St. Tammany coroner gives himself 39 percent raise

A parish coroner on the North Shore makes more money than most state and federal officials.  And it looks like the state legislature helped make that salary a reality. Lee Zurik reports in his "Body of Evidence" investigation.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Coroner financial chief's numbers don't add up

We've discovered new information that shows the St. Tammany Parish Coroner is not the only employee at his office essentially getting paid twice to go on vacation.  We examine the case of Kim Kelly, the coroner's chief financial officer and also a certified public accountant, in this update on our "Body of Evidence" investigation.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Policy manual shows Galvan may have broken law

The St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office told the parish president there is no formal, written policy for sick and vacation time there.  But we located the office's latest policy ourselves, and it could spell trouble for Dr. Peter Galvan.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Galvan snubs legislative auditor's records request

St. Tammany's parish president adds her voice to those demanding Parish Coroner Peter Galvan's timesheets. So far, the good doctor is not budging.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Facebook, wine country and Dr. Peter Galvan

According to the St. Tammany Parish Coroner's paychecks, Dr. Peter Galvan had no weekday fun outside of Louisiana in 2011 and 2012. That's because the records show he took no vacation those two years. Instead he cashed out his unused vacation and sick time and paid himself $67,000. But a quick tour of the Facebook page belonging to Galvan's wife shows a different story.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Did St. Tammany voters give Dr. Galvan too much?

Parish coroner Peter Galvan campaigned hard for voter approval of a 4-mill tax measure in order to build a state-of-the-art DNA lab.  He got that approval, and the lab, and millions of dollars more.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Citizens group says coroner must go

Following the findings of our "Body of Evidence" probe, the group Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany says Dr. Peter Galvan must resign.  But some parish leaders say it's too early to talk about pushing Galvan out of office.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Coroner's financial statements an eye-opener

St. Tammany's coroner, Dr. Peter Galvan, has to file a financial disclosure form with the state every year. What this tells us is that he makes even more public dollars than we first reported in our "Body of Evidence" investigation..

Lee Zurik Investigation: Snack cakes, Chianti and your taxes

In this installment of Lee Zurik's "Body of Evidence" investigation, we examine some of the receipts from public credit card spending by the St. Tammany Coroner and his CFO.

St. Tammany Council: Galvan must resign as coroner

The St. Tammany Parish Council has voted 13-1, asking Coroner Peter Galvan to resign.  The council also voted unanimously to ask Galvan to pay back about $175,000.  That's money that Galvan allegedly paid himself in unused vacation and sick time.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Council wants to question coroner, but will he show up?

The St. Tammany Parish Council wants the coroner, Dr. Peter Galvan, to answer questions at the next council meeting. According to the council, they are ready to cut funding to Galvan's office.  It's the latest development in our "Body of Evidence" investigation.