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  FOX 8 Defenders: After four tragedies, homeowner scared in own living room

She's scared even in her own living room. Now after four tragedies, she's desperate for help and turned to the FOX 8 Defenders to try to get answers.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Dozens of old tires found spilling onto residential street

Wondering how much longer they'll have to endure what they call a health and sanitation hazard, a group of neighbors turned to the FOX 8 Defenders for help.

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: City hasn’t enforced its own rules on emergency swimming pool

It's considered an emergency according to the City code, yet it remains a risk to health and safety. The FOX 8 Defenders have tracked a property and swimming pool now the subject of six Code Enforcement hearings in seven years that's been hit with a hefty fine, but is still considered dangerous.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Relief headed to congested Jefferson neighborhood

A problem some say has plagued a Jefferson Parish neighborhood for years, may be closer to getting some relief. Sometimes trapped in their own driveways, frustrated neighbors turned to the FOX 8 Defenders to get answers.

  Jefferson Parish residents get opportunity to resolve water bill issues

Jefferson Parish residents will be able to bring water bills to Esplanade Mall to resolve issues with Jefferson Parish Water Department personnel.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents troubled with brown water may soon see relief

Jaclyn Hyer and her Mandeville neighbor Lisa McCarthy say they've both been seeing brown water come through their taps sporadically for the past 15 years, with the same message all the time.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Proposal to change one word in pool ordinance

We're learning more about the effort to change one word in a New Orleans ordinance that targets nuisance swimming pools, and we've uncovered disturbing findings about a longtime dangerous pool that should have been abated months ago.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents frustrated at continued dirty, brown water in homes

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: From flooding to poor lighting, church volunteers frustrated

FOX 8 Defenders: City says 18-wheelers did not violate parking laws in New Orleans East

  FOX 8 Defenders: Man fed up with 18-wheelers parking in his neighborhood

  FOX 8 Defenders: Family waits hours for paramedics to arrive

  FOX 8 Defenders: Tips to remember when booking travel

FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish crews fill two longtime nuisance pools

FOX 8 Defenders: Woman at center of Essence scam sentenced to 15 years

  FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish cracks down on nuisance pool owners

  FOX 8 Defenders: Higgins Gate property remains an eyesore years after it was torn down

  FOX 8 Defenders: Man reaches out after falling into uncovered storm drain

  FOX 8 Defenders: Jefferson Parish declares bee-infested home a nuisance

  City demolishes the abandoned, charred Grand Theater in N.O. East

  FOX 8 Defenders: City works to address ‘tremendous problem’ of illegal dumping

  FOX 8 Defenders: Illegal dumping issues continue in New Orleans East, prompting drainage concerns

  FOX 8 Defenders: Westwego residents concerned over apparent bee infestation

  FOX 8 Defenders: Some worry if not fully secured, Touro Shakspeare Home could be lost

  FOX 8 Defenders: Drivers say stretch of Almonaster is a ‘safety hazard’

  FOX 8 Defenders: Several Plaquemines nuisance pools now abated

  FOX 8 Defenders: Some drainage infrastructure appears non-existent on Mid-City street

  FOX 8 Defenders: Heavy rains cause sewage overflows in Metairie subdivision

Trial for Chalmette couple accused of failing to deliver furniture continued

  FOX 8 Defenders: Tips on protecting your personal, financial and tax info

  FOX 8 Defenders: DOTD to install new lighting infrastructure on I-10 in the East

  FOX 8 Defenders: Tree grows out of pothole left untouched for years


  East Jefferson Hospital Board could take a critical vote soon

  District Attorney says “the devil is in the details,” in response to two city programs to address juvenile crime

A day after fed up neighbors protested outside City Hall calling for action to address juvenile crime. We're learning more about two programs the City says it's rolling out to combat the problem.