FOX 8 Defenders

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: Business owners say stalled street repairs have cut off customers

After digging up the street months ago, business owners say work crews haven't been back, and what they left behind has cut off their customers. Unable to get answers, they turned to the FOX 8 Defenders for help.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Giant pothole in Treme neighborhood

They say construction crews were working in the neighborhood a few weeks ago. That’s when they noticed a pothole starting to form.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Touro Shakspeare could be restored, leased

The City's opening up the Touro Shakspeare Home to residents and businesses to bid on restoring and leasing the property in Algiers. In a FOX 8 Defenders follow-up, our cameras got a rare look inside for the first time and a bird's eye view of the 60,000 square foot building.

FOX 8 Defenders: Navigating access to unemployment benefits

While the extension of federal weekly unemployent benefits is welcome news for many out of work individuals, many say they've struggled to navigate the state's system to access benefits. But the state says it will soon implement a new system that could help in getting legitimate claims paid.

  Fox 8 Defenders: Lakeview homeowner receiving high water bills, little assistance from SWB

A New Orleans woman has been receiving bills nearly five times higher than normal since October of 2019.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Homeowner waited months for iron fence job

A New Orleans homeowner paid thousands of dollars on a down payment to add a sense of security around her home, but for months she didn’t think the job would ever get completed.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Illegally dumped tires in New Orleans East

In other areas along Chef Menteur Highway, you can see tires randomly littering the side of the roadway.

  FOX 8 Defenders: I-10 lights project in N.O. East near completion

PROTECT YOUR MONEY: That IRS identification letter might not be a scam

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: Appliances strewn across lawn frustrate neighbors who say homeowner was previously cited

  FOX 8 Defenders: Follow-up investigation into appliance repair man

  FOX 8 Defenders: Many await indefinitely full refunds for cruise trips

  FOX 8 Defenders: Trash left outside home after eviction leaves Irish Channel residents frustrated

  FOX 8 Defenders: Group of model hopefuls out thousands is far-reaching, could become criminal case

  FOX 8 Defenders: Drivers fed up with potholes, flooded ditches on Old Gentilly Rd.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Jefferson Parish mom spent $15k on modeling investment

  FOX 8 Defenders: Model hopefuls out thousands of dollars after cancelled trips

  FOX 8 Defenders: After four tragedies, homeowner scared in own living room

  FOX 8 Defenders: Dozens of old tires found spilling onto residential street

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: City hasn’t enforced its own rules on emergency swimming pool

  FOX 8 Defenders: Relief headed to congested Jefferson neighborhood

  Jefferson Parish residents get opportunity to resolve water bill issues

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents troubled with brown water may soon see relief

  FOX 8 Defenders: Proposal to change one word in pool ordinance

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents frustrated at continued dirty, brown water in homes

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: From flooding to poor lighting, church volunteers frustrated

FOX 8 Defenders: City says 18-wheelers did not violate parking laws in New Orleans East

  FOX 8 Defenders: Man fed up with 18-wheelers parking in his neighborhood

  FOX 8 Defenders: Family waits hours for paramedics to arrive

  FOX 8 Defenders: Tips to remember when booking travel

FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish crews fill two longtime nuisance pools

FOX 8 Defenders: Woman at center of Essence scam sentenced to 15 years


1 killed, 7 others hurt when possible tornado strikes Louisiana village

Nicondra: A better finish to the weekend

STPSO: Missing jet skier has been found

  Zack: Rain slowly ends; nice Sunday ahead

The severe storms have ended across the area and a nicer forecast is on the way for Sunday.