FOX 8 Defenders

  FOX 8 Defenders: Group of model hopefuls out thousands is far-reaching, could become criminal case

After a FOX 8 Defenders investigation, we're learning the number of consumers who say they didn't get what was promised in their pursuit of a modeling career is far-reaching. Shelley Brown looks into whether what we exposed could be a criminal case.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Drivers fed up with potholes, flooded ditches on Old Gentilly Rd.

There are potholes, broken up concrete and ditches filled with water on both sides of the roadway.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Jefferson Parish mom spent $15k on modeling investment

After a FOX 8 Defenders investigation, we’re learning of more consumers who say they too spent thousands of dollars hoping to launch modeling careers.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Model hopefuls out thousands of dollars after cancelled trips

Two young students, who were promised trips to help launch careers and get exposure, say they’re out thousands of dollars.

  FOX 8 Defenders: After four tragedies, homeowner scared in own living room

She's scared even in her own living room. Now after four tragedies, she's desperate for help and turned to the FOX 8 Defenders to try to get answers.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Dozens of old tires found spilling onto residential street

Wondering how much longer they'll have to endure what they call a health and sanitation hazard, a group of neighbors turned to the FOX 8 Defenders for help.

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: City hasn’t enforced its own rules on emergency swimming pool

It's considered an emergency according to the City code, yet it remains a risk to health and safety. The FOX 8 Defenders have tracked a property and swimming pool now the subject of six Code Enforcement hearings in seven years that's been hit with a hefty fine, but is still considered dangerous.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Relief headed to congested Jefferson neighborhood

  Jefferson Parish residents get opportunity to resolve water bill issues

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents troubled with brown water may soon see relief

  FOX 8 Defenders: Proposal to change one word in pool ordinance

  FOX 8 Defenders: Northshore residents frustrated at continued dirty, brown water in homes

  FOX 8 DEFENDERS: From flooding to poor lighting, church volunteers frustrated

FOX 8 Defenders: City says 18-wheelers did not violate parking laws in New Orleans East

  FOX 8 Defenders: Man fed up with 18-wheelers parking in his neighborhood

  FOX 8 Defenders: Family waits hours for paramedics to arrive

  FOX 8 Defenders: Tips to remember when booking travel

FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish crews fill two longtime nuisance pools

FOX 8 Defenders: Woman at center of Essence scam sentenced to 15 years

  FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish cracks down on nuisance pool owners

  FOX 8 Defenders: Higgins Gate property remains an eyesore years after it was torn down

  FOX 8 Defenders: Man reaches out after falling into uncovered storm drain

  FOX 8 Defenders: Jefferson Parish declares bee-infested home a nuisance

  City demolishes the abandoned, charred Grand Theater in N.O. East

  FOX 8 Defenders: City works to address ‘tremendous problem’ of illegal dumping

  FOX 8 Defenders: Illegal dumping issues continue in New Orleans East, prompting drainage concerns

  FOX 8 Defenders: Westwego residents concerned over apparent bee infestation

  FOX 8 Defenders: Some worry if not fully secured, Touro Shakspeare Home could be lost

  FOX 8 Defenders: Drivers say stretch of Almonaster is a ‘safety hazard’

  FOX 8 Defenders: Several Plaquemines nuisance pools now abated

  FOX 8 Defenders: Some drainage infrastructure appears non-existent on Mid-City street

  FOX 8 Defenders: Heavy rains cause sewage overflows in Metairie subdivision


  A slice of Carnival: Evolution of the king cake

  Sewerage & Water Board says it will inspect every part of New Orleans’ drainage system

The Board plans to inspect 210 miles of closed canals and 65 miles of open canals every 5 years.