Zurik: Attorneys ask judge to end St. Tammany Jail’s extended use of holding cells, citing concerns of COVID-19

Attorneys suing the St. Tammany Parish Jail over extended use of holding cells, keeping inmates there for days -- if not weeks -- are asking a judge to step in and force the jail to stop those practices amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Louisiana.

Zurik: Hundreds of tests taken in the early days of Coronavirus testing are still outstanding

  Zurik: Ventilator supply in New Orleans could run out next week, health leaders compete against other states to get more in stock

Zurik: Lawsuit filed over cramped St. Tammany holding cells, lawyers concerned for social distancing amid COVID-19

  Zurik: Hospitals increase capacity ahead of expected increase of COVID-19 patients

  Zurik: New Orleans continues to be one of the nation’s COVID-19 hot spots, analysis shows

Where are the latest COVID-19 cases in Louisiana?

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  Zurik: Jail numbers show crowded holding cells are isolated to St. Tammany jail

  Zurik: City to demote Safety and Permits Director following discrepancies by department’s inspectors

  Zurik: St. Tammany Jail keeping inmates in holding cells for weeks, violating state’s minimum jail standards

  Zurik: Additional discrepancies found in suspended building inspector’s past work

  Two Safety and Permits Inspectors placed on emergency suspension following FOX 8 Investigation

  Zurik: Third city inspector likely did not visit Hard Rock site when he signed off on work

  Zurik: Past chancellors remain on SUNO payroll as college makes cuts amidst financial crisis

A New Orleans university continues to be plagued by a financial crisis they say is due to declining enrollment and cuts from state funding. But FOX 8 News found past chancellors are able to stay on the payroll at the institution and collect paychecks higher than what is stated in their contracts.

  Zurik: FOX 8 investigation discovers additional discrepancies with more city inspectors at Hard Rock Hotel site

An examination of the City of New Orleans GPS records shows additional discrepancies with more city inspectors at the site of the Hard Rock Hotel. The records were requested by FOX 8 News in December 2019, following the deadly collapse in October that killed three men.

  Zurik: City inspector signed off on Hard Rock Hotel work without proper certification

A city inspector that performed several inspections at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site was not certified during some of those inspections, records obtained by FOX 8 show.

  Zurik: City inspectors approved work at the Hard Rock Hotel site, but GPS shows they were not there

New Orleans City Hall officials are investigating whether employees signed off on inspections at the construction site of the Hard Rock Hotel without visiting the project. The site collapsed in October killing three men and leaving a scar on the city's skyline.

  Zurik: Louisiana lawmakers hope to wipe out ‘Patriot Penalty’ in upcoming session

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

  Zurik: Port of New Orleans decides to move mural after FOX 8 report, employees concerns

  Zurik: Mayor says liens are mostly ‘fees’ and ‘penalties,’ tax attorney disagrees

  Illegal Contact: Banned drugs found in athletic performance supplements

  Zurik: Cantrell says she should be judged on work, not back taxes

  Zurik: New Orleans Mayor, Husband owe $95,000 in unpaid taxes

As taxes begin to be filed for another year, the Internal Revenue Service is still trying to collect a hefty sum from New Orleans’ top-elected official.

  Zurik: Port of New Orleans shells out $50,000 for painting not easily accessible by the public

The Port of New Orleans installed a new piece of artwork at their headquarters they say is to welcome visitors, but an investigation by FOX 8's Lee Zurik found the painting that costs thousands of public money isn't easy for the public to see.

Former State Senator Wesley Bishop pleads guilty to federal charge, resigns from SUNO

Bishop was in Federal Court Tuesday where he changed his plea

Zurik: Father questions whether withheld video, judge’s text messages impacted ‘Stand Your Ground’ case

A father has new questions surrounding the trial for the man who killed his son and claimed self-defense. Fouad Zeton questions whether video not shown during the trial for James Nero would have rendered a verdict other than acquittal based on the state’s 'Stand Your Ground’ Law.

  Zurik: Worker at Hard Rock Hotel site describes warning signs ahead of collapse, calls job ‘rushed’

A person who worked on the Hard Rock Hotel construction site in New Orleans, said the job was ‘rushed’ and there were warning signs ahead of the collapse on October 12 that killed three men and injured several more people.

  Sen. Wesley Bishop pleads not guilty to federal charge

Sen. Wesley Bishop pleaded not guilty Monday (Dec. 2) to a felony of making false statements to a federal agency.

  Medical Waste: Medicare charged hundreds more than drug’s cost at cash value

Two Louisiana men -- one a patient, and the other a pharmacist -- said they found medical waste that is costing every taxpayer in the country.

  Zurik: JP Councilmember charges taxpayers for thousands in out-of-state travel

A Jefferson Parish Councilmember’s taxpayer-funded out-of-state travel seems to stand out when compared to his colleagues.

State Sen. Wesley Bishop on paid leave from SUNO following federal charge

State Senator Wesley Bishop is on paid leave from his position at Southern University at New Orleans following a charge filed against him in federal court.

  Zurik: Claims made by Field of Dreams Board refuted by NFL, School Board

Board members of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams tried to explain to alumni how nearly a million dollars was spent by the group with no field to show for it. However, the claims made by the board don’t line up with responses by the National Football League and Orleans Parish School Board.

  State Senator Wesley Bishop charged with making a false statement to federal agency

State Senator Wesley Bishop has been charged by federal authorities for making a false statement to a federal agency.According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Bishop made a false statement to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

  Alumni gather seeking answers from Field of Dreams Board, leave with few answers

Alumni of George Washington Carver High School gathered in New Orleans demanding answers to what happened to nearly a million dollars that was supposed to be used to build the school its own football stadium. In a series of reports entitled, Empty Field of Dreams, FOX 8 and The Athletic revealed the

Transaction History for 9th Ward Field of Dreams

Click the link to explore the transaction history of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams project from August 2009 - August 2019.

  Empty Field of Dreams: Fmr. Executive Director alleges reports are ‘lies’, donors from across the country want answers

The former Executive Director of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams continues to refuse to answer questions from WVUE-TV and The Athletic in response to our joint investigation, Empty Field of Dreams. Betty Washington, is, however, sounding off on social media calling the reports ‘lies.'

  Fake Filters? Made-up addresses, strange receipts and copycat websites reveal knock-offs on the market

After several strange clues, a Michigan father questions whether his water filters are authentic. Experts say counterfeit filters are a growing problem in the United States.

  Empty Field of Dreams: Vendors still waiting for payment from field’s contractor

Tens of thousands of dollars are still owed to several companies who did work in the planning stages of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams, a football stadium proposed for the 9th Ward of New Orleans. To date, little to no visible work has been done on the stadium’s proposed site.

  Empty Field of Dreams: How a Westbank group’s dream field became a reality

On the Westbank, a field took shape thanks to one group's vision and fundraising efforts. They share how their project was able to be done and how some of their plans mirror those initially in place for the 9th Ward Field of Dreams.

  Empty Field of Dreams: Contractor questions field’s contract and invoices

A general contractor not affiliated with the 9th Ward Field of Dreams raises questions surrounding the contract and invoices for the 9th Ward Field of Dreams obtained by FOX 8 News and The Athletic.

  Promises of rebirth following Katrina resulted in an Empty Field of Dreams

Following Hurricane Katrina, a story of hope emerged in the form of a football stadium for Carver High School in the city's 9th Ward. A joint investigation by FOX 8 and The Athletic found what resulted fourteen years later is simply an empty field of dreams.

  Zurik: Formal charges filed against former court clerk following FOX 8 Investigation

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel with the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board filed formal charges against Timothy David Ray for three possible violations of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, a set of rules that govern how attorneys should practice.

Zurik: Subpoena shows focus of federal investigation into retiring-State Sen. Wesley Bishop

A subpoena obtained by FOX 8 shows the focus of a federal corruption investigation into State Senator Wesley Bishop, D-New Orleans, and his payroll records during his primary job as Vice-Chancellor at Southern University at New Orleans.

Former State Police superintendent cleared of misconduct allegations

Former superintendent of Louisiana State Police, Mike Edmonson, was reportedly cleared of any wrongdoing by the Louisiana Board of Ethics.

  Zurik: State Senator Wesley Bishop under federal investigation

State Senator Wesley Bishop, who announced Aug. 3 he will not seek re-election, is the subject of a federal investigation, FOX 8 has confirmed.

Audit conducted of New Orleans non-profit at the center of a Lee Zurik investigation

The group’s former president, Toni Rice, was accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the non-profit between 2014 and 2016.

Senator Wesley Bishop announces he will not seek re-election

Bishop, who represents District Four, made the announcement in a statement Friday.

  Zurik: Louisianians frustrated with hours-long delays at motor vehicles facilities

State records obtained by FOX 8 News show that while staffing has remained largely unchanged at the Office of Motor Vehicles, wait times have been steadily increasing at facilities across the state.

  Cracking the Code: Two blood tests, hundreds of dollars difference

A Louisiana woman is puzzled how a bill for basic blood tests can be hundreds of dollars more than a co-worker who had the same tests performed. Kim Christina, of Hammond, said her doctor sent her to North Oaks Hospital for a routine blood test and a month later she received an ‘exorbitant bill.’

  Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification

With water quality and safety concerns across the country, many families are turning to water filters. But there are counterfeit filters and filters carrying fake certification marks.

  Cracking the Code: Senator’s bill looks to stop surprise medical bills

A bill in the U.S. Senate could help stop the surprise medical bills that cost Americans thousands each year.Senator Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana, helped write the Stop Surprise Bills Act of 2019. A bill that has 27 co-sponsors, more than a quarter of the U.S. Senate.

  Untested Waters: Feds take small steps toward inspecting more seafood

The FDA has a new strategy for imported food safety, and Congress has increased seafood inspection funds. But the U.S. still lags behind some other countries when it comes to inspections and regulations.

  Zurik: Are a lawmaker’s actions helping his employer or constituents?

New questions surface over a New Orleans-area lawmaker who already had to cut the state a $20,000 check for working in two places at the same time.

  Cost of Choice: State Department of Education possibly breaking rules set up for voucher schools

The Louisiana Department of Education has allowed at least seven 'for-profit' schools into the state's scholarship program despite a rule saying that state and federal money cannot go to 'for-profit' schools.

  The Cost of Choice: Governor to push for changes to Louisiana Scholarship Program

Governor John Bel Edwards plans on pushing for more changes to the state’s program that allows children at poor-performing public schools to attend certain private schools on a voucher or scholarship.

  Report: Drug maker files for bankruptcy to cover opioid penalties

According to the Washington Post, it’s the first time a drug maker has turned to bankruptcy court to contend with its legal expenses.

  Zurik: State senator cuts check for use of sick time during legislative session

A state senator has cut a check for discrepancies raised in a FOX 8 Investigation into his pay during a recent legislative session.

  The Cost of Choice: Education board member says voucher system ‘working very well’ but needs improvement

A member of the eleven-person board overseeing educational policies in Louisiana said he supports the scholarship system and says it is ‘working very well’ despite findings to the contrary in our recent Cost of Choice investigation.

  Staff, parents protest early childhood grant pulled from school following ‘Cost of Choice’ reports

Teachers, students and parents from an early childhood program held signs in protest outside LSU Health New Orleans, opposing a decision to end a nearly million-dollar grant with the school.

  Zurik: State official’s companies sanctioned in two separate investigations

A business owner who sits on two different state board has been sanctioned in two separate investigations surrounding insurance claims.

  The Cost of Choice: As New Orleans’ Catholic school enrollment fell, state vouchers came to the rescue

The largest participant in the Louisiana Scholarship Program, the New Orleans Archdiocese with 3,700 scholarship students, has more than half of the total students in the program.

  The Cost of Choice: Lax application process, holes in transparency in state scholarship program

The Louisiana Scholarship Program allows schools to simply notify the state to participate in the program rather than a lengthy application process like public and charter schools face for approval.

  The Cost of Choice: Family-run school sanctioned by state, receives millions in scholarship dollars

Public money has flowed into one New Orleans voucher school despite low student scores, allegations of cheating and nepotism concerns.

KNOW THE SCORE: Grades of schools in the Louisiana Scholarship Program

Many parents said they are unaware of how their child's school performs in the Louisiana Scholarship Program. As a part of the joint investigation, The Cost of Choice, a searchable database is created containing all of the state's data on scholarship schools.

  The Cost of Choice: Louisiana’s voucher program costs millions more to send children to lower-performing schools

A joint investigation found many students in the Louisiana Scholarship Program are going to lower performing schools, the opposite of what was touted during the program's launch in 2012.

  Zurik: Former tourism official pleads guilty to theft, pays restitution

Tonnette ‘Toni’ Rice repaid $70,682 to the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, a non-profit where she used to serve as the former president. A FOX 8 Lee Zurik Investigation uncovered Rice stole more than $70,000 from the organization.

Former North Shore DA Walter Reed wants extension before reporting to prison

Walter Reed wants a two week delay because of a medical situation.

  Zurik: Recipient of questionable court funds drops off check, cash at courthouse

One recipient of questionable spending during a court clerk's final days in office drops off check and cash after a FOX 8 Investigation. Meanwhile, the court has sent findings of a financial audit to law enforcement to review.

  Zurik: Audit suggests possible criminal investigation of former court clerk

A fraud examination report released to FOX 8 shows financial investigators have suggested a possible criminal investigation into the actions of a now-former court clerk.

  Zurik: Questionable expenses in court clerk’s final days in office

Timothy David Ray was appointed to First City Court Clerk after Ellen Hazeur won a judgeship in March 2018. In November 2018, Ray lost the election for that office to Austin Badon. In Ray’s last days in office, he wrote two questionable checks, totaling nearly $10,000.

  Zurik: Lawmakers expect to address auto insurance issues in next session

The issue of sky-high auto insurance rates in the state has gotten the attention of lawmakers who are planning ways that could lower the rates -- if they can make it through the legislature.

  Zurik: High insurance costs drive businesses to the brink of closure

Louisiana’s distinction as most expensive auto insurance in the nation is one that is putting a major strain on transportation businesses.

  Zurik: Is Louisiana’s ‘legal hellhole’ to blame for sky-high auto insurance rates?

Louisiana has a ranking many people are not proud of -- home of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. But the factors behind the distinction -- depend on who you ask.

  Zurik: Mayor vows to go after dollars ‘left on the table’ in overdue parking, traffic camera tickets

An examination of data from the City of New Orleans found $245.9 Million owed to the city for tickets dating back to 2008.

  Untested water: 99.9 percent of foreign fish goes without testing for unsafe drugs

According to government reports, there is evidence that the main oversight agency for seafood, the Food and Drug Administration, has failed to meet new mandates to increase inspections at foreign food facilities.

  Zurik: HHS Secretary says ‘revolutionary’ changes to come for drug prices

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar visited with Louisiana pharmacists about drug prices in the U.S. and how future changes could mean savings for customers.

  Zurik: Hundreds of Millions owed to city through parking, traffic camera tickets

A FOX 8 Investigation found the City of New Orleans is owed more than $245 Million in tickets from the city's parking and traffic camera programs.

  Zurik: A look inside our Wesley Bishop investigation

Take an inside look at how we undertook our investigation on State Sen. Wesley Bishop and other interesting findings we discovered along the way.

  Zurik: Misjudged - Judges under scrutiny over wedding fees

The Louisiana State Judiciary Commission is looking into four New Orleans judges who were part of a FOX 8 investigation into overcharging couples for weddings.

  Zurik: State senator’s sick time use is ‘criminal,’ law expert says

A statement from from La. Sen. Wesley Bishop's public relations representative raises serious questions about use of sick leave.