Empty Field of Dreams: Vendors still waiting for payment from field’s contractor

Tens of thousands of dollars are still owed to several companies who did work in the planning stages of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams, a football stadium proposed for the 9th Ward of New Orleans. To date, little to no visible work has been done on the stadium’s proposed site.

  Promises of rebirth following Katrina resulted in an Empty Field of Dreams

  Zurik: Formal charges filed against former court clerk following FOX 8 Investigation

Zurik: Subpoena shows focus of federal investigation into retiring-State Sen. Wesley Bishop

Former State Police superintendent cleared of misconduct allegations

  Zurik: State Senator Wesley Bishop under federal investigation

Audit conducted of New Orleans non-profit at the center of a Lee Zurik investigation

Continued Coverage

Senator Wesley Bishop announces he will not seek re-election

  Zurik: Louisianians frustrated with hours-long delays at motor vehicles facilities

  Cracking the Code: Two blood tests, hundreds of dollars difference

  Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification

  Cracking the Code: Senator’s bill looks to stop surprise medical bills

  Untested Waters: Feds take small steps toward inspecting more seafood

  Zurik: Are a lawmaker’s actions helping his employer or constituents?

New questions surface over a New Orleans-area lawmaker who already had to cut the state a $20,000 check for working in two places at the same time.

  Cost of Choice: State Department of Education possibly breaking rules set up for voucher schools

The Louisiana Department of Education has allowed at least seven 'for-profit' schools into the state's scholarship program despite a rule saying that state and federal money cannot go to 'for-profit' schools.

  The Cost of Choice: Governor to push for changes to Louisiana Scholarship Program

Governor John Bel Edwards plans on pushing for more changes to the state’s program that allows children at poor-performing public schools to attend certain private schools on a voucher or scholarship.

  Report: Drug maker files for bankruptcy to cover opioid penalties

According to the Washington Post, it’s the first time a drug maker has turned to bankruptcy court to contend with its legal expenses.

  Zurik: State senator cuts check for use of sick time during legislative session

  The Cost of Choice: Education board member says voucher system ‘working very well’ but needs improvement

  Staff, parents protest early childhood grant pulled from school following ‘Cost of Choice’ reports

  Zurik: State official’s companies sanctioned in two separate investigations

  The Cost of Choice: As New Orleans’ Catholic school enrollment fell, state vouchers came to the rescue

  The Cost of Choice: Lax application process, holes in transparency in state scholarship program

  The Cost of Choice: Family-run school sanctioned by state, receives millions in scholarship dollars

Public money has flowed into one New Orleans voucher school despite low student scores, allegations of cheating and nepotism concerns.

KNOW THE SCORE: Grades of schools in the Louisiana Scholarship Program

Many parents said they are unaware of how their child's school performs in the Louisiana Scholarship Program. As a part of the joint investigation, The Cost of Choice, a searchable database is created containing all of the state's data on scholarship schools.

  The Cost of Choice: Louisiana’s voucher program costs millions more to send children to lower-performing schools

A joint investigation found many students in the Louisiana Scholarship Program are going to lower performing schools, the opposite of what was touted during the program's launch in 2012.

  Zurik: Former tourism official pleads guilty to theft, pays restitution

Tonnette ‘Toni’ Rice repaid $70,682 to the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, a non-profit where she used to serve as the former president. A FOX 8 Lee Zurik Investigation uncovered Rice stole more than $70,000 from the organization.

Former North Shore DA Walter Reed wants extension before reporting to prison

Walter Reed wants a two week delay because of a medical situation.

  Zurik: Recipient of questionable court funds drops off check, cash at courthouse

One recipient of questionable spending during a court clerk's final days in office drops off check and cash after a FOX 8 Investigation. Meanwhile, the court has sent findings of a financial audit to law enforcement to review.

  Zurik: Audit suggests possible criminal investigation of former court clerk

A fraud examination report released to FOX 8 shows financial investigators have suggested a possible criminal investigation into the actions of a now-former court clerk.

  Zurik: Questionable expenses in court clerk’s final days in office

Timothy David Ray was appointed to First City Court Clerk after Ellen Hazeur won a judgeship in March 2018. In November 2018, Ray lost the election for that office to Austin Badon. In Ray’s last days in office, he wrote two questionable checks, totaling nearly $10,000.

  Zurik: Lawmakers expect to address auto insurance issues in next session

The issue of sky-high auto insurance rates in the state has gotten the attention of lawmakers who are planning ways that could lower the rates -- if they can make it through the legislature.

  Zurik: High insurance costs drive businesses to the brink of closure

Louisiana’s distinction as most expensive auto insurance in the nation is one that is putting a major strain on transportation businesses.

  Zurik: Is Louisiana’s ‘legal hellhole’ to blame for sky-high auto insurance rates?

Louisiana has a ranking many people are not proud of -- home of the highest auto insurance rates in the nation. But the factors behind the distinction -- depend on who you ask.

  Zurik: Mayor vows to go after dollars ‘left on the table’ in overdue parking, traffic camera tickets

An examination of data from the City of New Orleans found $245.9 Million owed to the city for tickets dating back to 2008.

  Untested water: 99.9 percent of foreign fish goes without testing for unsafe drugs

According to government reports, there is evidence that the main oversight agency for seafood, the Food and Drug Administration, has failed to meet new mandates to increase inspections at foreign food facilities.

  Zurik: HHS Secretary says ‘revolutionary’ changes to come for drug prices

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar visited with Louisiana pharmacists about drug prices in the U.S. and how future changes could mean savings for customers.

  Zurik: Hundreds of Millions owed to city through parking, traffic camera tickets

A FOX 8 Investigation found the City of New Orleans is owed more than $245 Million in tickets from the city's parking and traffic camera programs.

  Zurik: A look inside our Wesley Bishop investigation

Take an inside look at how we undertook our investigation on State Sen. Wesley Bishop and other interesting findings we discovered along the way.

  Zurik: Misjudged - Judges under scrutiny over wedding fees

The Louisiana State Judiciary Commission is looking into four New Orleans judges who were part of a FOX 8 investigation into overcharging couples for weddings.

  Zurik: State senator’s sick time use is ‘criminal,’ law expert says

A statement from from La. Sen. Wesley Bishop's public relations representative raises serious questions about use of sick leave.

  Zurik: Councilman hands out dozens of contracts to businessman in inner-circle

Since Mark Spears took office in 2012, a company called Exceptional Inspections has been hired 43 times in Jefferson Parish, almost all of which was for work in Spear's district.

Zurik: IG launches investigation into Sen. Wesley Bishop’s use of sick leave after series of FOX 8 reports

Our investigative series has shown that over the past two years Bishop used 122 sick days at SUNO to attend the legislative session.

  Zurik: Jefferson Parish councilman questionably spends public money

When the Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce urged the parish council to spend BP settlement money on flood protection, one councilmember went against that request.

  Zurik: New documents reveal more double-dipping by state senator

A law professor and a CPA say a state senator needs to be investigated following new information that Wesley Bishop called in sick to his full-time job at Southern University of New Orleans to fulfill his part-time job in the legislature.

  Zurik: Senator’s response to FOX 8 investigation called ‘ridiculous’

A state senator in eastern New Orleans has a full time job at Southern University of New Orleans. When he works his part-time job in the Legislature, he uses SUNO sick time. That appears to be against the law.

  Zurik: State senator pocketing money while calling in sick

Documented proof has been discovered that a Louisiana state senator may be breaking the law.

  Report: Customers are overpaying on a quarter of all prescriptions

A new study shows patients are overpaying on prescriptions sometimes because they are using insurance, rather than paying the cash price.

  Zurik: Governor, commissioners decline comment as questions dog pilotage fee board

Governor John Bel Edwards remains silent, despite the findings of a FOX 8 investigation. Two months after our initial reporting, the governor's office still won't return our request for a comment. And three powerful board members at the center of our series also remain silent - despite our questions.

  State of Unrest: 3 State Troopers have punishment reduced by Louisiana State Police Commission

Three Louisiana State Troopers that were accused of taking a controversial side trip on their way to a police conference last year has had their punishments significantly reduced.

  Zurik: State senator calls for investigation of Orleans judges

The law allows judges in New Orleans' First and Second City Court to charge $5 for a wedding at the courthouse. But in First City Court, three judges charged $80. In Second City Court in Algiers, Judge Teena Anderson-Trahan charged even more, $100.

  Zurik: Convention Center out-of-town totals 'essentially useless'

A critic of convention centers says the one here in New Orleans must not care about being wrong. Almost two years ago, we investigated the Morial Convention Center and showed how their attendance numbers are way off.  Now, new numbers show the trend continues, possibly worse than ever.

  Zurik: Judicial wedding fees could draw IRS, high court probes

In one year, a New Orleans judge may have received her $100 wedding fees 473 times, pocketing as much as $47,300 in cash. But she may not have reported all the earnings to state ethics officials. Did she report them to tax authorities?

Zurik: Dramatic price disparities found when comparing insurers

The numbers in healthcare pricing documents typically are closely held secrets. But we've unmasked the costs some of your insurance companies pay for services - costs that directly impact the amount of money coming out of your pocket.

Zurik: Three 'independents' are no-shows at Pilotage Fee meeting

Three members of a powerful state board failed to show up to a meeting after they were featured in two FOX 8 investigations. That board regulates river pilots, some of whom pilots can make almost $800,000 a year.

Zurik: Governor defends pilot commission as neutrality questioned

Fallout from a FOX 8 investigation in May: Louisiana's governor has received two letters asking him to remove three powerful board members from a commission that governs river pilots. We have new questions and new findings that those commissioners may have broken the law.

Zurik: Harrah's negotiations filled with possible conflicts

It's hard to miss Harrah's Casino when you're standing at the foot of Canal Street. But, unless you keep an eye on the state legislature, you might have missed the heated politics behind Harrah's campaign to extend its state license.

Zurik: A visual story of possible corruption in Louisiana

FOX 8 Investigations kicked into high gear in May, with several in-depth probes of public corruption and waste.

Zurik: Industry cries foul as river pilots use their clout

We've uncovered a letter that likely has never been seen by the general public - one that impacts a handful of well-connected Louisianans earning more than half a million dollars a year. To understand its significance, we present a back story that involves money, political influence and one of the state's most valuable natural resources - the Mississippi River.

Zurik: High wedding fee at Algiers courthouse infuriates Valentine bride

Erin Earl wanted a quaint, intimate wedding. A friend told her about Second City Court, located in the Algiers courthouse. Her fiancé picked the date, Valentine's Day. She called the office of Second City Court Judge Teena Anderson-Trahan, and her unfortunate experience began.

Zurik: From casinos to cabs, concerns about ethics dog NOLA senator

A local ethics expert says a potential conflict of interest by a state senator could get the attention of the La. Supreme Court. That's because the senator never disclosed that possible conflict when he discussed a bill in the legislature.

Zurik: Judges' wedding fees draw scrutiny from legal community

Some legal observers are keeping a close eye on an unfolding FOX 8 investigation of four Orleans Parish judges who are pocketing as much as $25,000 a year in cash - even though the law says they shouldn't.

Zurik: Orleans judges may be breaking law with high wedding fees

Four New Orleans judges perform weddings in their courthouses.But a FOX 8 investigation finds the judges are pocketing the fees themselves - and that may be a violation of state law.

Zurik: Harrah's lobbying draws fire from watchdog

The longtime head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission warns of apparent conflicts of interest in the casino's lobbying campaign .

Zurik: NOLA council pres. opposes Harrah's deal amid lobbying blitz

Jason Williams says the potential conflicts detailed in our latest FOX 8 probe need to be investigated further. Those conflicts involve an army of lobbyists hired by Harrah's to push a 30-year license extension through Louisiana's legislature.

Zurik: Harrah's negotiations filled with possible conflicts

Six years before Harrah's current lease at the foot of Canal Street expires, the company wants a 30-year extension to its casino license - and its lobbying effort has drawn fire for potential conflicts of interest, involving local authorities and state lawmakers.

  Zurik: Non-profit's former leader arrested on theft, public records charges

New Orleans police have arrested the former president of the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network, who allegedly stole more than $70,000 of taxpayer money.

  Zurik: Housing board member in non-compliance with own loans

FOX 8 has uncovered allegations of bullying, threats, harassment by a powerful board member who may owe you half a million dollars.

Zurik: Former mayor of Independence indicted on malfeasance charge

A grand jury has indicted Michael Ragusa on a charge of malfeasance in office. He was the subject of a FOX 8 investigation last May.

Zurik: Auditor says NOMTN chief committed fraud

The auditor's conclusions came after FOX 8 dug up questionable spending by the president of the nonprofit, more than a year ago.

Zurik: State’s abandoned oil well dilemma ‘a crying damn shame’

There are almost 20,000 inactive oil and gas wells lying In the water, off highways and even in backyards across the state of Louisiana. Thousands of them were abandoned by their operators and left for the state to clean up, with your money. State law forbids such orphan operators from doing business in Louisiana - or does it?

Zurik: Slidell police report details big problems in criminal investigations

Slidell police did not want you to see their internal report; the department told us we couldn't have it. But a source handed it over: 53 pages of allegations of police misconduct.

Zurik: Drug consumers seek relief as PBM's make money hand over fist

Week after week, bill after bill, the evidence grows: If you want to improve your home or company finances, you need to take control of your healthcare costs. Our Medical Waste investigation picks up with fresh examples of real money being saved by consumers just like you. And if you run a business - or even a government agency - those savings could be in the millions.

Zurik: Alternatives Living officer gets prison sentence

Federal prosecutors in New Orleans say Rickey Roberson of New Orleans was sentenced to 13 months, restitution in the amount of $84,308, three years supervised release, and six months of home detention with ankle monitoring.

  Audit finds questionable spending by former state police superintendent Mike Edmonson

A Louisiana Legislative Auditor report found former Louisiana State Police Superintendent Michael Edmonson and at least four state troopers misused state money to pay for travel, hotel rooms, and other improper expenditures.

  Zurik: Toxic gas, soil found around two orphan wells in 'Left for Dead' probe

The state of Louisiana has fallen way behind in properly plugging some 4,000 abandoned oil and gas wells. It's a problem we told you about in our "Left for Dead" investigation in early November. Now, we have the results from air and soil samples taken at a handful of well sites near residential communities.

  Zurik: Foreign patients enjoy U.S. transplants despite organ shortage

The United States has a shortage of livers ready for transplant to patients who need them. That means many Americans will die before they get a transplant opportunity. So why are rich transplant patients from overseas flocking to some U.S. hospitals, including Ochsner in New Orleans?

  Zurik: Orphan wells and the deadbeats who leave them

Almost 4,000 abandoned oil and gas wells dot Louisiana's landscape and waters, from Oil City to Golden Meadow and beyond. Many of them have been deteriorating for decades; some of them are leaking. And year to year, just as the state cleans up scores of orphan well sites, hundreds more are abandoned by their operators.

  Rent-to-own customers face high costs, harassment, few protections

Customers who are late or fall behind in payments can face harassment. Some report employees banging on their doors at all hours or calling their family members.

Two troopers demoted after LSP travel investigation

Derrell Williams and Rodney Hyatt were the two highest-ranking officers investigated for a trip that four troopers took to San Diego last year for a work conference.

  Zurik: N.O. chefs worry seafood abundance could wash away

Louisiana produces some of the world's best seafood. But the overfishing of some our tastiest species has forced our local restaurants to find some seafood outside the state.