Louisiana Purchased

Zurik: Lobbyists shell out big bucks for political influence

Lobbying is an important part of the legislative process. It can educate lawmakers. But it can also influence - and legal experts say that influence can be enhanced by wining and dining. According to our analysis in this "Louisiana Purchased" investigation, there are some big loopholes in the state's lobbying laws.

‘Louisiana Purchased’ probe wins IRE Award

Zurik: Feds subpoena FOX 8 in Walter Reed probe

Zurik: Is jet-setting Jindal illegally funding a presidential campaign?

Zurik: La. politicians living large on campaign funds; will IRS move in?

Zurik: Feds open probe of state lawmaker from south Louisiana

Lee Zurik Investigation: Howard, Harrison expenditures examined

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Lee Zurik Investigation: Walter Reed won’t run for re-election as DA

Gov. Jindal signs campaign finance reforms into law

Louisiana Purchased: FBI visits St. Tammany Parish DA’s office

Lee Zurik Investigation: Campaign finance reforms head to Jindal’s desk

Lee Zurik Investigation: At $149K a year, what is Walter Reed campaigning for?

Lee Zurik Investigation: Is Walter Reed a part-time DA?

Lee Zurik Investigation: $14,000 and a web page that doesn’t work

A commenter on FOX8Live.com pointed out the findings in our latest "Louisiana Purchased" update. It involves a video for St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed, and the website it promotes.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Reed pays Hollywood price for video PSA

The video features the St. Tammany DA on camera, reading for about 35 seconds, followed by an announcer reading for another 20 seconds. He paid more than $14,000 for it.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Lawmakers pocketing your tax dollars by double billing

Lawmakers pay for expenses out of two pots of money: their campaign account, funded by contributors, and legislative expense accounts, funded by taxpayers. We've found lawmakers paying expenses through their campaign, then seeking reimbursement for those same expenses from taxpayers. It's just the latest finding in our "Louisiana Purchased" probe of campaign finances.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Walter Reed’s $29,400 bar tab

The St. Tammany district attorney paid his son's company a huge amount for bar services at a Sept. 2012 campaign fundraiser. But what did Steven Reed actually do for the money?  We comb through records of the event in this latest edition of the "Louisiana Purchased" joint investigation by FOX 8 News and NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Will Ethics Board, feds tackle legislative vets?

Lee Zurik Investigation: Questions abound in Alario’s campaign spending reports

Lee Zurik Investigation: Your tax dollars wasted as senator double dips

Lee Zurik Investigation: For DA’s son, campaign finance is a family affair

Lee Zurik Investigation: 2013 campaign data show Alario, Heitmeier still living large

Lee Zurik Investigation: Senator’s bill would open the spigot for PAC cash

Lee Zurik Investigation: Some PAC limit violators cough up excess funds

Six politicians have returned a total of almost $300,000 in campaign contributions as a result of our series of investigations. They paid the money back after we detailed how they broke the law. Those findings apparently also launched an investigation by the La. Ethics Board. It's the latest development in our Louisiana Purchased joint investigation with NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Senate pres. spends $253K on Saints, Tigers

In Louisiana, elected officials may form their own political action committees to support their allies' election campaigns.  But some powerful lawmakers appear to be using their PAC's for perks, including the purchase of football and concert tickets, gourmet meals and other luxuries.  We examine two surprising cases of this in a new installment of our Louisiana Purchased joint investigation, in partnership with NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Skeet, golf and grub on the campaign trail

You may think running for office entails hiring consultants, campaign workers and running commercials - and it does. But it's the other stuff politicians buy that raises questions.  We explore those questionable expenditures in this edition of our "Louisiana Purchased" investigation, reported in partnership with NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: One word means a fortune in campaign spending reports

In four years, a group of elected officials spent almost half a million dollars out of their campaign war chests, writing off meals and gifts as constituent-related expenses.  And by no means do the questionable expenditures stop there. These findings are the latest in our "Louisiana Purchased" joint investigation of campaign finance with NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Gold standard for ethics, lead standard for enforcement

State Treasurer John Kennedy deals with money every day. And after watching our investigative series "Louisiana Purchased," he decided to come up with a way to find more money for the state's Board of Ethics.  That's because the board is still waiting for candidates, politicians, PAC's and lobbyists to pay some $1.2 million in fines - and it hardly has the resources to go after the delinquents.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Contribution questions to Jindal go unanswered

He's term-limited - he can't run for governor in two years. And the money he's raised can't be used on a federal election for president or Congress. But if you look at his campaign finance reports, the millions of dollars Bobby Jindal has raised has allowed him to travel around the country, campaigning, boosting his national profile.  We examine who's been giving him that cash.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Meet the gatekeepers of state politics

Our list of the top 400 donors to Louisiana elections over the past four years is a record of people with the money to influence taxpayer money, laws, politicians and elections. This small group actually represents a sliver of all donors. But they give more than 31 percent of all money donated to Louisiana's politicians. This list is an introduction to our "Louisiana Purchased" joint investigation with NOLA.com/the Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Big campaign donors get big contracts in JP

So far we've focused on state officials in our probe of campaign finances. Now, we're drilling down to the parish level - Jefferson Parish, specifically. There, we find a troubling tie between campaign contributions and much of the contract work handed out by the Parish Council.  We explore the tie in this edition of "Louisiana Purchased" - a joint investigation by FOX 8 News and NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Are utilities the real power behind the PSC?

Everybody who pays a utility bill in Louisiana is impacted by the decisions of the state's Public Service Commission. It's a government body that has broad powers to watch over and regulate public utilities and motor carriers, too. As part of our campaign finance probe, we ask, who funds the watchmen? We look for the answer in this edition of "Louisiana Purchased" - a joint investigation by FOX 8 News and NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Political war chests hold plenty of perks

We've spent months studying campaign records, finding that at least nine public officials apparently broke campaign finance laws.  And we found many of these same politicians are using their campaign war chests - and that extra, potentially illegal money - for questionable purposes, such as football tickets and meals. It's part or "Louisiana Purchased" - a joint NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Powerful pols caught over the limits?

The State Ethics Board may be opening a type of investigation it has never done before. Members have never dug through the campaign finance reports to find the type of violation we uncovered. We'll show you research that catches politicians breaking the law in this edition of "Louisiana Purchased" - a joint investigation with NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Are nursing homes buying state policy?

State leaders don't want to elaborate how, and why, they've paid as much as $23 million a year to nursing homes for thousands of unused beds.  The industry also has avoided damaging cuts in state funding, even as lean budgets hit other health care providers hard.  And, as we explain in this "Louisiana Purchased" report, nursing homes are very generous contributors to state politicians.

Louisiana Purchased: Explaining state campaign finance law

Louisiana's Campaign Finance Disclosure Act has been adjusted a few times since then, but it remains the state's primary law governing what a person or group may contribute to a candidate for political office in this state, and how such contributions are reported to the public.