Special Reports

  Bonnet Carre Spillway holds a hidden history

Many are familiar with the rushing waters protecting land downstream, but the land that we stand on right now holds a hidden history.

  Could diet ward off some brain diseases?

  CDC reports a record number of drug overdose deaths during the pandemic

  A $16 million home renovation gives new life to Louisiana’s Rabbit Island

  Love; a universal language, whether you can hear it or not

  State laws and the lack of government oversight leave a multi-billion-dollar DNA paternity industry unchecked

  Football helping the Howard family heal

Continued Coverage

  A local former inmate turned advocate gets a real chance at a Second Life

  Alleged sex abuse victim files federal lawsuit against the City of New Orleans and a former NOPD Lieutenant

  The Crawfish King: how a cross country boiler planted roots back at home

  The Ties That Bind: Long lost cousins find out they have been in each other’s lives all along

  New Orleans woman continues grandparents legacy as Holocaust survivors

  New Orleans Underground: The city beneath the city

  Levee Legacy: Terrebonne Parish Levee Board’s longest serving member credited for levee’s success

Not a single home in Terrebonne Parish flooded during last year’s historic hurricane season thanks to its intricate system of levees and floodgates.

  New developments in unclassified Lakeview death

The body of Jessica Easterly Durning finally released to family in Lakeview unclassified death.

  Businesses learning to make it work amid pandemic

While the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on many businesses, some are actually thriving right now. Whether it’s because they’ve got a commodity that people want or they’ve adjusted their business model to fit this new world, they’re making it work.

  FDA grants food industry flexibility on ingredient labels; consumers, medical professionals express concern

The FDA says it will weigh whether the policy should be extended beyond the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some consumers and healthcare professionals object to that.

  Zurik: Newly hired RTA CEO has trail of ‘retaliation’ complaints, including a six-figure settlement to keep complaint quiet

  Local criminologist and local actor team up to provide sensitivity training for local law enforcement

  Dedicated group of people provide critical lifeline for seniors amid pandemic

  COVID-19: Could radiation help patients?

  ‘It was intense,’: Former contact tracer and ice sculptor recounts experience responding to COVID-19 pandemic

  Coast in Crisis: Rising seas and sinking land challenge Louisiana coastal effort

  A camp owner’s “island paradise” stands up to the 2020 hurricane season

Late season repairs may have come just in time

  Crimetracker: Rise in violence across New Orleans

“This year, we know and acknowledge that homicides are up,” says NOPD Police Chief Shaun Ferguson.

  Zurik: Airport vendor left local businesses and non-profits with reduced visibility and broken promises

When the new terminal at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport opened it had several New Orleans features included -- but its what was missing that has some local businesses feeling left at the gate.

  FOX’s new prime time “Ultimate Tag” features a New Orleans couple

Austin Raye and Julian Daigre are tag competitors in high energy game of chase.

A personalized patch: Using skin to repair abdominal holes

Some LSU doctors take an innovative approach to covering abdominal holes.

  Leaving the League

Major League Baseball has a problem and had struggled to fix it for decades. For various reasons, African Americans have been leaving the sport in droves since the mid-1980s.

  False Positive: CBD use could affect drug tests

Retailers are lining up to sell CBD products.

  Bird consevationists and biologists fight bird population decrease

Local bird experts say the numbers are startling. There’s been a dramatic decline in bird populations nationwide and the problem as well as the causes are especially serious in Louisiana.

  Saints linebacker Demario Davis makes his mark on and off the field

Only two years in the Black and Gold, Davis has established himself as one of the rocks in the Saints defense. He’s a team captain, has never missed a game, and thinks his best is yet to come.

  Family searches for answers 5 years after Hano officer’s murder

For one Kenner mother, the pain of losing her son, shot in the line of duty, is just as real today, as the day it happened five years ago. Through her pain, she's formed an unbreakable bond with someone very close to the case, a bond she says has helped her to survive.

  Krewe of Cleopatra keeps rolling for nearly 50 years

There has always been something special about carnival for Delores "Tootie" Kepner. In 1972, Kepner and her husband came up with an idea to begin an all-female carnival krewe on the Westbank of New Orleans and Cleopatra was born.

  Patriot Penalty: Deployed service members come home to find higher auto insurance rates

Service members who cancel their car insurance to serve overseas may come back to find higher rate quotes after telling companies they didn't have coverage because of deployment.

  Louisiana expects to build more coastline in 2020 than it loses

The state of Louisiana projects it will build more land in 2020 than is lost to erosion and subsidence

  Throw Me Something Sustainable

More and more Mardi Gras riders are looking for eco-friendly throws to toss to Carnival revelers. One local law student is trying to raise awareness with the help of her royal family.

Ambushed: Saints talk about one of the most memorable plays from Super Bowl XLIV

Current and former Saints players and coaches break down one of the gutsiest plays in NFL history

Uptown residents have mixed feelings on ‘armed guard’ signs

New bright, yellow signs along a stretch of Magazine Street, east of Napoleon, warn of armed guards patrolling the area. Despite a rash of recent break-ins in the area, some residents worry the signs may spark unnecessary fear.

  Dancing with a purpose: Woman with down syndrome teaches dance class

The young dancers at the Martha Mayer School of Dance perfect their craft, nailing every step along the way. While the goal is to blend in with the team, there’s one person in the sea of black leotards who stands out because of what she’s had to overcome to get there.

  Illegal Contact: Banned drugs found in athletic performance supplements

Current and former NFL players say they have tested positive for drugs because of contaminated supplements. Scientists say it's a problem not just for athletes but anyone taking supplements - particularly those in performance-enhancement categories like weight loss and muscle building.

  LSU Football: Hyping up the Tigers

LSU took their brand to new heights with weekly hype videos to narrate their historic season. We take a look behind the scenes to meet the team that made the magic.

  Researchers explore molecular responses to exercise in hopes of furthering precision exercise medicine

Louisiana researchers are part of a NIH study focusing on what happens at the molecular level when people exercise to produce health benefits.

  How baby oysters in Mississippi survived this year’s influx of fresh water

Oyster growers moved their youngest oysters across state lines to survive the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening

  Practice Makes Perfect

A local medical school is a leader in making sure its students get plenty of practice before ever meeting a live patient.

  Shades of Gray: Gretna man pursues unique passion

Gretna man with a passion for art, finds a unique way to preserve the memory of the deceased.

  Locally Roasted Part 5: The Art of the Pour

Ready behind the counter of a café the Barista is the ‘keeper of the coffee,’ and quite often those people are doing so much more than just pouring coffee. When it comes to lattes, the mixture of espresso and frothed milk provides a canvas of coffee for baristas to create what’s known as latte art.

  Coco Orgeron details her son’s biggest night as a head coach: ‘He dreamed it, and it happened’

Coco was in Tuscaloosa the night LSU finally beat Alabama.

  Locally Roasted Part 4: The Third Wave of Coffee

The ‘Third Wave’ of coffee focuses on providing a wealth of information to coffee drinkers who want high-quality brews.

  Locally Roasted Part 3: Roasting for the Region

Orleans Coffee roasts thousands of pounds a week, packing and labeling different blends for a variety of shops

  Locally Roasted Part 2: The Oldest Coffee Importer in America

Westfeldt Brothers Inc. is the oldest continuous operating green coffee importer in the country.

  Locally Roasted Part 1: The History of Coffee in New Orleans

The pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee won’t take you far from the banks of the Mississippi.

  Second Chances

Todd Juluke says jail saved his life.

  Stuck between floors: What to do when you’re trapped in an elevator

Experts says reacting the wrong way when stuck in an elevator could put lives in danger.

  The Barn: Injured animals find a home in an unlikely place

Christ Episcopal School rehabilitates injured animals and teaches students an appreciation for nature.

  Zurik: JP Councilmember charges taxpayers for thousands in out-of-state travel

A Jefferson Parish Councilmember’s taxpayer-funded out-of-state travel seems to stand out when compared to his colleagues.

  Dixie Beer finally coming home to New Orleans

Inside look at the brand new, $30 million Dixie Brewery as it gets ready to open in New Orleans

  Heart of Louisiana: The Great Raft

It was a log jam hundreds of years in the making that blocked any boat traffic on Louisiana’s Red River and it wasn’t until the mid-19th century when a riverboat captain figured out how to clear the mess.

  Gr8 Neighbor opens doors for students’ farm animals

FOX 8 Gr8 Neighbor makes room in donated barn for local students to house their farm animals.

  Zurik: Claims made by Field of Dreams Board refuted by NFL, School Board

Board members of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams tried to explain to alumni how nearly a million dollars was spent by the group with no field to show for it. However, the claims made by the board don’t line up with responses by the National Football League and Orleans Parish School Board.

  Hiking to a Crown

The Triple Crown is a fabled summit in sports, a seemingly impossible trio of wins in horse racing and an even more impressive collection of batting stats in baseball, but when it comes to hiking, few people have ever achieved that summit, known as the Triple Crown.

  Crime Tracker Cold Case: Who killed 19-year-old Vanessa Bodden?

19-year-old Vanessa Bodden vanished in December of 1989. She’d been missing for about three weeks when someone found her mutilated body inside an abandoned New Orleans building.

  Out of Control: Employee at Juvenile Justice Center details recent riots between juveniles and staff

A long time employee of the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center speaks out about what goes on inside the facility.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Relief headed to congested Jefferson neighborhood

A problem some say has plagued a Jefferson Parish neighborhood for years, may be closer to getting some relief. Sometimes trapped in their own driveways, frustrated neighbors turned to the FOX 8 Defenders to get answers.

Missed Opportunity: Federal initiative meant to help poor neighborhoods benefits the rich

Neighborhoods with an average income of about six-figures are labeled “distressed” by the federal government.

  Thibodaux family takes the bull riding world by storm

A Thibodaux family eats, breathes and sleeps...bull riding. From humble beginnings training in their yard to winning national titles the Rodrigue boys are taking over the sport.

  Alumni gather seeking answers from Field of Dreams Board, leave with few answers

Alumni of George Washington Carver High School gathered in New Orleans demanding answers to what happened to nearly a million dollars that was supposed to be used to build the school its own football stadium. In a series of reports entitled, Empty Field of Dreams, FOX 8 and The Athletic revealed the

  Fake Filters? Made-up addresses, strange receipts and copycat websites reveal knock-offs on the market

After several strange clues, a Michigan father questions whether his water filters are authentic. Experts say counterfeit filters are a growing problem in the United States.

  Local study examines impact of lullabies on infants

Tulane researches whether music therapy impacts infants' nervous systems.

  Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification

With water quality and safety concerns across the country, many families are turning to water filters. But there are counterfeit filters and filters carrying fake certification marks.

  Easy Rider: 109-year-old Covington man still on the go

Just a few months before his 110th birthday, FOX 8′s Nancy Parker was lucky enough to catch a ride with Philip Sharp.

  A baby boom comes to the Audubon Institute’s West Bank facility

The Audubon Nature Institute raises two species of endangered cranes

  Crimetracker Cold Case: Who killed Bianca Forman?

Nearly 27 years after someone shot a pregnant New Orleans mother on the Westbank, killing her and her unborn baby, detectives and the victims grown daughter plead for help.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Plaquemines Parish cracks down on nuisance pool owners

The FOX 8 Defenders exposed a neighborhood of nuisance properties in February that were not only unsanitary, but dangerous. Since then, we've reported on a lot that has changed, and now Plaquemines Parish has taken steps to crack down.

  Zurik: Are a lawmaker’s actions helping his employer or constituents?

New questions surface over a New Orleans-area lawmaker who already had to cut the state a $20,000 check for working in two places at the same time.

  New body contouring procedure offers surgical results without scars

Doctors are touting a revolutionary new treatment for anyone looking to remove fat and tighten skin without going under the knife.

  Camille survivor almost 50 years later

Earl Armstrong thinks back to a dangerous walk, “About halfway down I said I hope the road is still there down on that other end because if it wasn’t, we were going to have to swim." The 25-year-old, his father and uncle had planned to stay in his house, but the wind proved too much early on.

  The Smith siblings continue to reign over Louisiana tennis

Zach and Gavriella Smith are winning at an unprecedented level at the high school level, but that's only a small part of their story.

  All four Category Five U.S. hurricanes rapidly intensified before making landfall

All four Category 5 hurricanes intensified rapidly before making landfall

  CrimeTracker Report: The state of juvenile crime in New Orleans

Multiple city leaders have called the raise in juvenile crime in New Orleans "dire," sparking new outreach and rehabilitation efforts.

  CrimeTracker Cold Case : Who killed Russell Teal?

A man's hope to start a new life in New Orleans takes a tragic turn when he is killed during Carnival Season