Early voting begins for March 20 election in Louisiana

  Some Republicans criticize the censure of Sen. Cassidy; state GOP chairman denies there is a rift

  Sen. Cassidy: “Republicans put the constitution above loyalty to a person”

  Sens. Cassidy, Kennedy make it clear where they stand on Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial

Candidate qualifying begins in Louisiana congressional races

  Gov. Edwards among Louisianans who attended the inauguration; AKA sorority proud of Harris’ achievement

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  Gen. Russel Honoré of Louisiana will lead a review of U.S. Capitol security

  Scalise talks his impeachment vote, Capitol siege, & new threats of violent protests

  La. National Guard, others prepare for possible ‘armed protests’; experts weigh in

  Free speech debate intensifies after big tech removes some accounts following the Capitol takeover

  Gen. Honoré blasts security failures at the U.S. Capitol building; says some people deserve jail

  Majority of La’s congressional delegation objected to affirming Biden’s win; pundits point to gerrymandering

  Cassidy, Scalise react to Capitol Building takeover; former FBI agent says there was an ‘intelligence’ failure

A retired FBI official says the intelligence failures must be addressed before Joe Biden is inaugurated.

  New Orleanians react to Trump’s phone call seeking to overturn his certified defeat in Georgia

A Tulane constitutional law expert says Pres. Trump's call to Georgia elections officials may have violated election law.

  VIDEO: Jason Williams elected Orleans Parish District Attorney

Jason Williams will serve as the District Attorney of Orleans Parish after a win in the runoff on Saturday night

Three city-wide tax proposals, French Quarter tax renewal face defeat in election

Three city-wide propositions and a French Quarter tax renewal faced defeat in the election.

ELECTION 2020: Elections results for the FOX 8 viewing area, around the state

  TODAY: Orleans Parish District Attorney’s race to be decided in runoff election

  French Quarter sales tax renewal sparks debate over security

  Mayor Cantrell calls for voter approval of restructured millages

  Rep. Cedric Richmond announces decision to serve in Biden White House; election to be held to fill his seat

Former U.S. President George W. Bush congratulates Biden and Harris

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter responds to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory

In a statement on Twitter from The Carter Center, the former president said he “looks forward to seeing the positive change they bring to our nation.”

  Louisianans react to President-Elect Joe Biden win

Scenes like this happened across the country: thousands of people pouring into the street supporting the announcement that former Vice President Joe Biden is now the president elect.

  ‘This isn’t over!’: Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

There have been no reports of anyone getting shot, and the laws in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan allow people to openly carry firearms in public.

  Political parties in La. & others react as the vote count for the presidential election continues

A Tulane political scientist says the president's claims about fraud or voting irregularities will need to be backed up by evidence.

Man seen on Mich. election conspiracy theory video was TV photojournalist on the job

The lawyer who shot the video suggests the box contains ballots. The truth isn’t as interesting, but it makes much more sense.

  Constitutional law expert weighs in as Trump turns to the courts to help his re-election prospects

President Trump signaled before election day he might head to court over election results.

Election results show a near 50 percent turnover at Criminal District Court

On the campaign trail, the candidates touted criminal justice reform and fixing racial disparities.

  Abortion amendment passes in Louisiana. Here’s what that could mean

On the election ballot, Amendment 1, also known as the “love life” amendment, passed in the state of Louisiana with more than 60-percent of the vote.

  Sports betting wins but it could take a year or two

The vast majority of Louisiana voters Tuesday decided that they’re OK with sports wagering in their parishes. Now state lawmakers must come up with the governing rules.

Mississippians voted in a new flag design. Here’s what happens next.

An overwhelming 72% of Mississippi voters voted in favor of the new state flag design, which features a magnolia and the words “In God We Trust.”

2020 Election Results: Constitutional amendments in La.

Results for the constitutional amendments up for vote on Nov. 3, 2020

Louisiana approves Amendment 1 stating abortion not a right

Louisiana voters have approved an amendment to the state constitution that makes clear the document does not grant the right to an abortion.

Keva Landrum and Jason Williams head into runoff for Orleans Parish DA

Both are running to replace Leon Cannizzaro who announced he would not seek re-election.

Initiative 65 passes in Miss., clearing way for medical marijuana

Initiative 65 and Alternative 65A were introduced to voters as away to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi.

Warren Montgomery re-elected as district attorney of St. Tammany and Washington parishes

Warren Montgomery will serve as the District Attorney of Washington and Saint Tammany parishes for another six years after a big win Tuesday night. Montgomery won without the support of two prominent Northshore sheriffs.

ELECTION 2020: Results for high-profile races in the FOX 8 viewing area, around the state

Results for the November 2020 races in the FOX 8 viewing area.

Cedric Richmond re-elected to U.S. Rep. 2nd Congressional District seat

The incumbent was challenged by democrat Glenn Harris, republicans David Shilling and Sheldon Vincent Sr., and independents Beldon Batiste and Colby James.

2020 Election Results: Sen. Bill Cassidy wins reelection of U.S. Senate seat for La.

Winner of the U.S. Senate race in Louisiana

  Steve Scalise re-elected U.S. Rep of 1st Congressional District

The incumbent and current House Minority Whip was challenged by democrat Lee Ann Dugas and Libertarian Hoawrd Kearney.

Trump again wins Mississippi, with its 6 electoral votes

Donald Trump has once again won in Mississippi, with its six electoral votes. Neither President Trump nor former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned heavily in the state.

  Absentee ballot counting begins hours before polls close

Large numbers of voters requested absentee ballots in Louisiana because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

FBI investigates robocalls warning voters to ‘stay home’

The automated calls were placed to residents in nearly 90 percent of U.S. area codes.

A breakdown of the amendments on your November ballot

Now that registration is over with, we want to help you understand what you are voting for, or against, when you cast your votes.

Voted? Download your digital ‘I voted’ sticker

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is announcing a digital, downloadable sticker for the upcoming November 3 and December 5 elections.

  ‘This has been the hardest election,’: Officials prepare for Election day ahead of hurricanes, coronavirus, record voter turnout

With the power still out at some Jefferson parish polling locations, the secretary of state made sure to see for himself how things were progressing.

  Election Eve: New Orleans begins verifying thousands of absentee ballots

Thousands of completed absentee ballots returned to the city of New Orleans's registrar's office by the deadline were being verified on election eve.

  Jefferson Parish officials bring power to polling places

Jefferson parish officials are bringing in generators for 20 polling places without power, as early voting comes to an end.

  City and state leaders debate voter suppression following polling site power outages

For Louisiana voters, there’s a lot to research and consider on the 2020 ballot.

New Orleans leaders trade jabs with secretary of state of power to pull off election

Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin said 68 polling places are without power. The presidential election, along with many state and local elections are scheduled for Tuesday.

Louisiana in a race against time to restore power to election facilities ahead of Election Day

Hurricane Zeta has left hundreds of thousands of people in the dark with power outages that are expected to last multiple days -- and with a presidential election less than a week away, it has election officials also assessing the damage.

  Hundreds of thousands of La. residents cast their ballots early; 2 days remain for early voting

After 7 days of early voting, more than 676,000 Louisiana residents have cast their ballots for the presidential election

Woman’s obituary: In lieu of flowers ‘do not vote for Trump’

An obituary for a Minneapolis-area woman who died at age 93 included one specific request for her mourners: Do not vote for Donald Trump.

  The 2020 New Orleans battle of drop-off ballots

The Secretary of State and the New Orleans City Council are in a legal fight over absentee drop-off locations.

  Pro-life, pro-choice forces work to impact the outcome of Amendment 1 on the Nov. ballot

Some other conservative states have approved similar constitutional provisions.

  Early voters turn out in force for heated election

Early voting picked up Monday morning across the nation and with record breaking numbers in Louisiana.

  “I never expected it to be seven hours,” voters wait hours on first day of early voting

Lines stretched out and around early voting locations as people waited to weigh in on the election.

  Locals inundated voting locations on the first day of early voting for the presidential election

Registrars expected a larger than normal turnout of voters.

A guide to the Constitutional Amendments on your November ballot

The guide breaks down arguments for and against each amendment.

  Early voting begins in Jefferson Parish

For voters, the chance to finally vote in the hotly anticipated election was too much to wait for election day.

  Voters line up outside of Smoothie King Center as early voting begins in Orleans Parish

The Smoothie King Center has become a site for early voting after a nation-wide push months ago from NBA players who urged cities across the country to turn their sports venues into polling places for the upcoming election.

  N.O. city council sues the secretary of state over drop-off locations for absentee ballots; judge issues TRO

Voters will decide the presidential race on November 3.

New Orleans City Council could sue Secretary of State over lack of ballot drop locations

As it stands now, voters can drop off absentee ballots at two locations, New Orleans City Hall and the Algiers Court House

  Amy Coney Barrett fields questions during confirmation hearing; pro-life, pro-choice forces react

Despite objections from Democrats, Republicans plan to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court before the presidential election next month.

  Members of La’s congressional delegation, Mayor Cantrell, political analyst react to Trump having COVID-19

The Trump campaign announced ahead of the president's hospitalization that all events featuring Trump would be postponed or held virtually.

A guide to 2020 constitutional amendments

The Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) has released a comprehensive guide to the constitutional amendments that will be appearing on ballots this November.

  Judge Barrett would help decide high-profile cases soon after being confirmed to the Supreme Court; legal experts weigh in

Confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett are expected to begin on October 12 and a vote on her nomination could be a couple of weeks later.

  Louisiana Secretary of State issues absentee voting tutorial; Democrats allege voter suppression tactics in the state

Voting rights advocates say the state should make it as easy as possible for people to vote during the pandemic and beyond that.

  La. native is Trump’s choice for Supreme Court says CNN; political analyst reacts

President Trump is to make his formal announcement of his choice on Saturday afternoon.

  Locals react to Metairie native Amy Coney Barrett being considered for U.S. Supreme Court; discuss originalist views

President Trump is expected to announce his Supreme Court nominee this week.

Court issues ruling on upcoming elections in La. amid pandemic

The United States District Court Middle District of Louisiana has issued a ruling pertaining to upcoming elections in the state.

  Judge orders expanded mail-in voting in Louisiana for presidential election

If the judge's ruling is appealed the case could wind up at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal in New Orleans.

  La. congressmen, political analyst respond to controversy over Trump downplaying seriousness of COVID-19

President Trump gave journalist Bob Woodward various interviews for the new book.

  Pandemic affects Labor Day campaigning; retail politics for the fall elections

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts the way politicians must interact with voters this campaign season.

  Voting rights group reacts to Edwards taking on secretary of state in court over mail-in voting

A federal court is poised to decide how limited or expanded mail-in voting will be in Louisiana for the upcoming presidential election.

  Scalise says video he posted of Biden on Twitter should not have been edited; political analysts react

Political analysts say Scalise was targeting President Trump's base with the tweet.

  Locals react to postmaster’s decision to halt postal service changes that some say would hurt voting-by-mail

Members of Louisiana's congressional delegation react to the issues with mail delivery.

Jefferson Parish votes to renew solid waste management millage

Jefferson Parish residents voted Saturday to renew the parish’s waste management millage.

Clay Madden elected Mandeville mayor

Madden defeated Laure Sica in a runoff.