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  Five candidates running in Mandeville mayor’s race next weekend

John Bel Edwards sworn in for second term as Louisiana governor

'How sweet it is:’ Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards elected to second term

  Political analysts weigh in on Gov. Edwards’ defeat of Rispone

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith wins another term

Continued Coverage

  Mike Cooper wins St. Tammany Parish president seat in landside

WAFB PROJECTION: Ardoin defeats Collins-Greenup in race for Secretary of State

WATCH LIVE: FOX 8 Election 2019 coverage

Service restored to voter information app, Secretary of State’s voter portal after temporary outage

  Gubernatorial candidates make final state-wide push ahead of Election Day

  Edwards and Rispone seek votes on election eve

  Edwards, Rispone visit New Orleans on eve of election

Louisiana voters are about to make a choice about the future of the state. Friday is ostensibly last day of campaigning on the eve of the high-stakes and extremely close runoff in the governor's race.

Bossier City lays out some ground rules for Trump rally

Here are some do’s and don’ts, including what you cannot bring in with you

  Cantrell doubles down, responds to criticism against bond and tax propositions

November 16th, New Orleans residents will vote on three different propositions, all that would allow the city to use those dollars to improve local infrastructure.

  New FOX 8 poll shows how Edwards & Rispone stack up with different groups of voters and statewide

A new FOX 8 poll on the governor's race gives insight on where the two runoff candidates stand as voters prepare to go to the polls on Saturday (Nov 16).

  State sees another high turnout as early voting for run-offs end

  St. Tammany voters to choose between Pat Brister and Mike Cooper in the parish president’s race

  Edwards and Rispone file new campaign finance reports; respond to LMA questionnaire

Republican Tate Reeves elected new Mississippi governor

Mississippi governor’s race most competitive in years

Final debate trades substance for vitriol

Eddie Rispone declines statewide debate invite

Baton Rouge businessman, Eddie Rispone, has declined an invitation to appear in a debate to be televised across Louisiana on the state’s highest-rated television stations.

Rispone thwarts Edwards’ chance at outright win in primary election

Incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards did not secure the votes needed to win a primary election held in Louisiana Saturday, Oct. 12. He will face Republican newcomer Edward “Eddie” Rispone in a runoff.

  Trump stumps for republican candidates; Edwards also rallies voters

Saturday is Election Day. Friday, candidates worked down to the wire to rally voters.

  Candidates for governor reach out to voters on election eve

The three top candidates for governor spent the final full day of campaigning reaching out to voters across the state.

  Voting machines placed at polling locations

Crews in Orleans Parish are in the process of getting voting machines in place on Friday (Oct. 11) for Saturday’s general election.

President Trump to campaign for GOP candidates in Louisiana on Friday

President Donald Trump will be in Lake Charles Friday to campaign for the Republican candidates for Louisiana governor.

President Trump visits Louisiana: What you need to know

With the Saturday election looming, Pres. Donald Trump will be in Lake Charles Friday campaigning on behalf of the Republican candidates for Louisiana governor.

  Louisiana’s gubernatorial race draws national attention

President Trump stumps in Louisiana, Friday, just a day before voters are set to choose a governor. He will be in Lake Charles working to ensure republican voters turn out to the polls. But democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards will be there, too, with a rally of his own.

  Gubernatorial candidates reach out to more voters following the final debate

The major candidates for governor took part in a final debate before the Oct. 12th election.

High early voter turnout could indicate early support for democratic candidates

When some hotly contested local races are paired with a nationally watched governor's race, it's a combination that seems to pull people to the polls.

Lawsuit filed against governor’s administration in Johnny Anderson sexual harassment case

A lawsuit involving the Johnny Anderson sexual harassment case has been filed against the governor’s administration.

Gray TV Poll: Louisiana voters would re-elect President Donald Trump

In a new, exclusive Gray Television poll looking ahead to next year’s presidential election, most Louisiana voters said they would re-elect Republican Donald Trump instead of replacing him with a Democrat.

  EXCLUSIVE: Edwards leading the race in Gray TV poll, political analyst reacts

A new exclusive Gray Television poll shows Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards with a sizable lead statewide over his two major Republican challengers, businessman Eddie Rispone and Congressman Ralph Abraham.

Exclusive Gubernatorial Poll: John Bel Edwards leads with 5 days until election

In a new exclusive Gray Television poll, Democratic Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards comfortably leads his two chief Republican rivals, Eddie Rispone and Ralph Abraham, with five days left to the primary election

Salacious anti-Edwards ads hit airwaves

Two new political ads have been released detailing alleged sexual harassment by a former high-ranking official in the administration of Governor John Bel Edwards.

  Three Jefferson Parish President candidates square off in West Bank debate

The three Jefferson Parish President candidates: Councilwoman Cynthia Lee-Sheng, attorney and former parish president John Young, and independent candidate Lee Bonnecarrere met tonight for a debate on the West Bank.

  Jefferson Parish voters to decide a council-at-large race on Oct. 12th

Early voting begins Saturday (Sept. 28) and voters in Jefferson Parish will cast ballots on a council-at-large race.

Louisiana early voting to feature high-tech touchscreen devices

Early voting runs Saturday through Oct. 5, with the exception of Sunday; hours are 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. each day

Second TV debate coming Thursday in Louisiana governor race

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and his two main Republican challengers are set to spar in their second statewide TV debate, two days from the start of early voting.

  A rematch of candidates in the Jefferson Parish sheriff’s race

Voters in Jefferson Parish will decide the sheriff's race on Oct. 12.

Governor’s debate not short on small jabs between candidates

The sharpest difference between the three candidates came as no surprise; taxes.

Candidates ready for first Louisiana Governor’s race debate

The three major candidates for Louisiana governor are facing off in their first debate

A look at the candidates signed up for October’s election

The sign-up period for Louisiana's Oct. 12 primary election runs through Thursday. The top of the ballot will include the governor's race and competitions for six other statewide positions.

Sheriff Randy Smith expected to announce decision for re-election

Sheriff Randy Smith beat former sheriff Jack Strain by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent in November 2015.

Former Mayor Mitch Landrieu on run for president: ‘I don’t think so,’ report says

Former New Orleans mayor said he doesn’t think he is running for president in 2020, according to an interview on CNN.

Summit to address cost of health care, prescription drugs

Leaders in the health field will meet for a yearly summit in New Orleans Wednesday.

JP councilman seeking council-at-large seat

Councilman Paul Johnston announced he would seek the seat after Councilwoman-at-large Cynthia Lee-Sheng confirmed she would be running for parish president.

Thousands of La. residents in Section 8 housing, USDA rental programs could be at risk of eviction as government shutdown continues

The longest government shutdown in history threatens to leave Louisiana’s at-risk residents scrambling to scrape together money for rent normally paid for by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), including more than 1,100 residents who are elderly, disabled, or both.

Cynthia Lee-Sheng announces run for JP parish president

Sheng confirmed that she sent out invitations to family and friends about her event in February where she plans to officially kick off her campaign.

Gov. Edwards formally announces re-election run

Although there was never a doubt that he would, Gov. John Bel Edwards has officially announced his re-election campaign.

La. governor has big goals for 2019; confident in re-election bid

Governor John Bel Edwards laid out big goals for himself at Press Club Monday.

  Gov. John Bel Edwards lays out successes and challenges for LA

Governor John Bel Edwards lays out successes for 2018 and challenges in their reelection year ahead.

Election results: Kyle Ardoin wins Secretary of State race

Republican Ardoin has been serving as interim secretary of state since Tom Schedler stepped down in May amid sexual harassment accusations.

See live election results from general election, runoffs across the state

Among the elections is the race for Secretary of State, between democrat Gwen Collins-Greenup and republican Kyle Ardoin.

‘We have a race:’ Louisiana governor election heats up

Louisiana stands alone in the deep red South as the only state with a Democrat in the governor's mansion, however, that could change ten months from now when voters decide whether or not to re-elect John Bel Edwards.

Sen. John Kennedy says he will not run for governor

Sen. Kennedy makes announcement after months of speculation

Saturday last day to vote early

Saturday is the last day to vote early in Louisiana, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Cindy Hyde-Smith wins U.S. Senate special election

The last U.S. Senate race in the country is finally over as Mississippians cast their vote in this special runoff election.

Early voting starts this weekend for Dec. 8 election

Kyle Ardoin said that early voting begins November 24, and ends on December 1.

Walmart among companies requesting refund of campaign donations to Hyde-Smith

Some major companies are requesting their campaign donations back from GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith.

  Trump celebrates GOP midterm victories despite loss of House to Democrats

Both President Trump and Rep. Nancy Pelosi said they were happy with the election results, but will the two parties work together?

Sports betting will now be allowed in some parishes

The Louisiana Legislature will have to approve new legislation establishing a tax structure for the industry as well to regulate the games.

  Unanimous jury requirement approved

Louisiana voters have decided that juries should (not) be required to have a unanimous verdict for all felony cases.

Rep. Garret Graves re-elected to 6th District seat

Graves represents 13 parishes in North Louisiana. He was first elected as representative of the Sixth District in 2014.

  Cedric Richmond comfortably holds on to 2nd District seat

Cedric Richmond was re-elected as Congressman of the Second District of Louisiana

  Steve Scalise re-elected as congressman of the 1st District of Louisiana

Steve Scalise has been reelected as Congressman of the First District of Louisiana.

  Election 2018: See results

See election results from your area here

  A shift in power on Capitol Hill could paralyze the Trump agenda, local pundits say

A shift in the balance of power could paralyze the president's agenda, some pundit says.

What happened to the ‘I Voted’ stickers?

Voters across the state are feeling naked Tuesday after walking out of their precincts without an ‘I Voted’ sticker. The Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) says it did not budget for the stickers this year.

  Parishes expected to decide on fantasy sports betting

A yes vote on the initiative would eventually allow residents in that parish to make online bets on fantasy sports. A no vote would continue to prevent residents from using fantasy betting apps like Fanduel and Draftkings when it comes to fantasy sports.

  High voter turnout expected in Metro area

Early voting ended last week, and according to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office, over 307,000 votes were cast state-wide.

  Voting selfies: If a sticker just isn’t enough, it’s hit or miss if you can Instagram your vote

It's fairly split around the country as to whether your state allows selfies inside the voting booth or not.

  Voters will decide Tuesday whether unanimous jury verdicts should be required in felony convictions

Louisiana is one of only two states that allows juries to convict on a 10 to 2 vote.

How to report suspected voter fraud

The United States Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the Department of Justice say they all stand ready to review and investigate any allegations of voter fraud in Tuesday’s general election.

  Local elections officials say all is ready for Tuesday’s balloting

Mid-term election is expected to keep La.'s congressional delegation majority Republican.

  Press conference will address new voting locations in Orleans Parish

Morrell is expected to review Tuesday’s election ballots.

  Dillard University tracks competitive US House races

Dillard University of New Orleans is doing daily tracking of the most competitive mid-term races. Its political analyst believes Louisiana is in position to have someone in House leadership regardless of which party is in control.

Today is the last day to vote early

Tuesday’s early voting hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at night.