Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer is Changing Patients Lives at Tulane

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One of the areas that Tulane Doctors have really been the leader in when dealing with localized prostate cancer is Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Focal Therapy is an outpatient procedure that focuses in on destroying the cancer, while leaving the rest of the prostate alone.

Using this procedure, the doctors are able to preserve sexual and urinary function, but still treat the cancer and allow patients to live very normal lives following the treatment. Using advanced MRI technology and very good mapping biopsies, they identify exactly where the tumor is and then just destroy that region of the prostate.

By doing this, men are saved the complications of urinary and sexual disfunction after the procedure. They don’t have to go through the side effects of the disease. Many patients have benefitted from this procedure since it’s introduction at Tulane.

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