Motion Analysis System Proves to be a Great Tool for Patients Needing Physical Therapy

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A system utilized by Tulane Doctors can help with regaining normal motion, especially after an injury and during recovery.

“The Noraxon system is a marker less, motion analysis system that uses accelerometers instead of motion-captured cameras, to capture human movement, not just in a lab setting, but also in a very functional setting,” says Tulane Physical Therapist Andre Labbe. “It’s a tool that we can use to really study human movement, both normal movement....and also movement after injury and after enduring phase.”

This is great for patient care.

“What’s really been interesting is we’ve been able to look at things from an injury prediction standpoint,” says Labbe. “That also leads to a performance standpoint, and when I say performance, I don’t mean just athletes.”

He said this can be a great tool to use for patients who’ve had total joint replacements or other complex surgeries.

“We’re really evaluating how we can return them to full function,” says Labbe.

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