Treatment Options are Available for Chronic Sinusitis

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Your sinuses can play a large part in your quality of life.

Tulane Otolaryngology Dr. Jonathan Owens says, “There’s studies that look at quality of life surveys and patients with chronic sinusitis score just about the worst on quality of life surveys compared to most other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure.”

He says it’s because you don’t feel the symptoms of most of those other conditions daily. Sinusitis patients are feeling those symptoms all the time, says Dr. Owens. But, treatment is available.

“There’s a myriad of ways that these issues can be managed, ranging from simple nasal saline washes, to medications, either by pills or nasal sprays, to less invasive office procedures that can be addressed for specific needs for patients, to surgical options for dealing with your sinuses,” says Dr. Owens.

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