Hell's Kitchen coming to New Orleans

Updated: May. 15, 2012 at 10:17 AM CDT
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New Orleans, La.  -- Fox's hit series "HELL'S KITCHEN" is looking for creative cooks in the New Orleans area and is setting up a casting call for the end of May.  Chef Gordon Ramsay says he's looking for the best of the best to work beside him in the hottest kitchen on Earth!   Fox is in search of America's culinary elite who not only have the skills but the stamina to cook alongside the infamous, Chef Gordon Ramsay.

"HELL'S KITCHEN" will follow the chefs 24/7 through the perils of working in Chef Ramsay's pressure-filled restaurant, capturing the wrath, emotion and adrenaline rush that comes with cooking in a top-notch restaurant.  Contestants will have to prove they have the endurance and skills to work with Chef Ramsay as they are pushed to their limits.

The show is searching for culinary candidates, 21 and over, who are outspoken, competitive and can stand the heat in one of the toughest kitchens in the world. Fox says applicants must be passionate, skilled at their craft and aim to become the next winner of "HELL'S KITCHEN."

The casting dates in New Orleans are May 24th and May 27th and will be held at Bourbon Heat in the French Quarter.  Applicants are required to apply beforehand.  Information and an application form can be found at the following website:

Applicants can also be considered for the show by submitting a video showcasing their culinary talents.  Below are the guidelines.

Video Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a contestant on Hell's Kitchen In order to be considered, please submit the following:

Complete the Casting Application, Requirement for Eligibility and Application Release. The form must be completed and signed.

Accompanying the Casting Application, Requirements for Eligibility and Application Release, please prepare a video of yourself and a photo with your name on it.

You may not post any video submissions you are sending to Hell's Kitchen for consideration on any personal video sharing sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc., or any sites accessible to the general public.  Upon submitting a video to Hell's Kitchen for consideration, you must remove your video from all such sites.

The video must meet the following restrictions:

1)    LENGTH:  5 minutes minimum – 10 minutes maximum

2)    FORMAT:  DVD, mini DV, or a link to a web video (We CANNOT view Hi 8, VHS or VHC tapes)

.  DO NOT TAPE yourself in front of a window or harsh light source.

.  Make sure you are positioned in front of the camera where you can be

clearly seen from the top of your head to about your chest area.

.  Be sure you are in a well-lit room.

BEFORE SENDING – check your tape to make sure there is good picture and sound. We must be able to HEAR and SEE you.

Electronic links can be sent to Please make sure you also send your application to the above address.

3)    DEADLINE:  Submissions will be accepted for consideration, if received by June 30th, 2012

4)    CONTENT:  Please include the following in your video:

  1. Please state your name, occupation and where you live.
  2. Describe your personality and why you would be a good candidate for "Hell's Kitchen".  Make sure you talk about your culinary experience and passion for the industry.
  3. What kind of culinary training, if any, have you had?
  4. WHY do you want to be on Hell's Kitchen?
  5. Explain why you will be the winner.
  6. What would America say about you if you were on TV?
  7. List your talents / strengths in the kitchen in order of what you do best, (i.e.: creating a menu, palate, managing, prep, grill, saute, expediting, cold appetizers, desserts, etc.)
  8. Describe your personality in the kitchen.
  9. Describe your personality outside of the kitchen.

5) LABELING:  All tapes must be labeled with your name and contact   information on the face of the tape and the cover. Put your name on your photo.

All materials you send will be retained by Upper Ground Enterprises Inc. and will not be returned to you whether or not you are selected as a contestant.  Any expenses you incur during the application process, including postage, shipping, materials preparation (videotape), are your sole responsibility.

Submissions will only be considered if they are received as a complete package.

(Casting Application, Requirements for Eligibility and Application Release, photo and videotape)

Make sure the following are completed before sending your tape, form and photo:

1)     You have reviewed, completed and signed the Casting Application, Requirements for Eligibility and Application Release.

2)     Included a 5 minutes minimum – 10 minute maximum videotape labeled clearly with your name and contact information on the face of the tape.

3)     Photo of yourself with your name

Send your form, photo and videotape submission to the following address:


The Conlin Company

3916 Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite 103

Culver City, CA 90232 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to verify that we have received your application. If you like, you may send your application package via an expedited courier (such as Fed Ex or UPS). They will provide a tracking number that you can use to verify the receipt of your package. Upper Ground Enterprises Inc. is not responsible for lost applications or videotapes.