Chemical Plant Fire Kills claims a life

Harvey, LA -- A man is dead after fire broke out at a chemical plant in Harvey.

Local and state leaders want to find out if there was anything illegal which may have caused the fire.

Around 9:00pm Friday members of the Harvey Volunteer Fire Department battled a two alarm chemical fire in the 1200 block of Peter's Road.

Investigators believe a chemist with Gold Leaf Energy was mixing approximately 30 gallons of Sulfuric Acid and 150 gallons of Methanol when the mixture sprayed on him and exploded.

The chemist died at the scene and another person suffered minor injuries.

The back of the building went up flames and spread to two cars nearby.

"And the cars created some damage to the building. The insulation to the building caught on fire because of the heat transfer," says Terry Thibodaux of the Harvey Volunteer Fire Department.

Local and state fire investigators are trying to determine if there were hazardous chemicals inside the building at the time of the fire that have not been registered with the state.

"It has something to do with Bio Diesel Fuel and I'm told these types of operations are popping up all over the place so they're really going under the radar so we need to get a handle and who needs to be held accountable," says Chris Roberts of the Jefferson Parish Council.

Roberts fears the company may have been operating at the building illegally.

"There could be liability issues for those that are involved with the company. In addition to that the parish has an obligation to bring them into compliance so if they're doing things on the site that are not permitted within the zoning use then we would adjudicate that through the court system," says Roberts.

FOX 8 tried to speak with management from the company today, but they declined to comment.

The victim's name has not yet been released.