Plaquemines crews protect newly raised levees

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Plaquemines Parish crews hustled to the levees that protect the low-lying New Orleans suburb and Parish President Billy Nungesser declared a state of emergency because Tropical Storm Isaac's path has moved west and the New Orleans metro area is under a hurricane watch.

Crews were lining newly raised levees on the east bank of the Mississippi River with heavy plastic on Sunday to protect exposed dirt, and adding Hesco baskets to close gaps in low areas along Louisiana Highway 23. Other crews were adding sandbags to levees in Pointe-a-la-Hache.

Parish and Army Corps of Engineers officials will discuss plans for barges that have been pumping fresh water into the parish system at Port Sulphur and Pointe-a-la-Hache because the low Mississippi River let salt water had moved up to freshwater intakes.

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