Isaac victims in St. John Parish say recovery is slow

St. John Parish, La. - Longtime neighbors of the Cambridge Subdivision still gather every afternoon in Albert Batiste's driveway to share stories.

Nowadays, though, their conversations are mostly about the struggle to return home.

Most of the debris is gone, but the neighborhood remain quiet.

Nearly a month and half after Hurricane Isaac, Albert Batiste is more than ready to start work on his home.

"The problem that we are having is with the insurance company. It seems like they don't want to let the money go," says Batiste.

He says the agonizing wait for homeowners and flood insurance is almost too much to bear.

"I am really stuck. You're also so confused because you don't know what to do," says Batiste.

Repair work at Corliss Robeskie's house hasn't started either. She says volunteer groups helped with the gutting process in the weeks after Isaac, but since then it's been a constant struggle to get insurance money.

"After the water went down, I guess they think we can hose it out, mop it up and throw up sheetrock. I don't know how they think these houses are going to get repaired. We are far from living normal," says Robeskie.

She's been living in a hotel.

FEMA made the decision to extend the program that helps victims pay for hotel rooms, bringing at least some relief to Robeski and others.

Now, she won't have to check out until October 29th.

Like so many others in her predicament, she wonders what happens after that, since she's still waiting for an insurance payout and no way to even begin construction on her home.