Nagin's sons subpoenaed

File photo of former N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin
File photo of former N.O. Mayor Ray Nagin

The attorney for Ray Nagin's two sons confirms his clients appeared before a federal grand jury last week.

Clarence Roby represents Jeremy and Jarin Nagin. He says they both went before the grand jury last Friday, but he wouldn't say how long they spent in the federal courthouse or what questions they answered.

Roby says federal prosecutors also requested documents and they have handed over many of those documents.  he wouldn't say what documents were requested.

Sources tell FOX 8 News that one aspect of the federal investigation of Nagin centers around a countertop company, Stone Age, that the former mayor of New Orleans owned with his two sons.

Roby says he has not been told his two clients are the target of any investigation.

We've already reported that Ray Nagin is being investigated and, as we reported in August, the government had requested records from the former mayor.  They have not asked Ray Nagin to appear before a grand jury.