NOPD reports new details in shooting by cab driver

Shooting scene in the 3000 block of Burgundy (photo by Evan Anderson)
Shooting scene in the 3000 block of Burgundy (photo by Evan Anderson)

Police say a teenager was shot when he tried to rob a cab driver with a flashlight that he tried to disguise as a gun by wrapping it in a glove and a rag.

It happened Thursday night in the 3000 block of Burgundy Street in Bywater.

The cab driver told police a juvenile between 16 and 18 years of age got into his car and asked for a ride to Canal Street.  He told police the teen appeared to have a gun, which he pressed against the driver's head as he demanded his keys and cash.

The cabbie complied, but when the teen tried to make a run for it the two got into a confrontation and the cabbie opened fire, hitting him in the face.  He remains in serious but guarded condition at a local hospital.

NOPD has not reported any criminal charges against the cab driver.

FOX 8 News received this press release from NOPD Friday afternoon:

Through the course of the ongoing investigation we learned that the United Cab driver was dispatched to the 3100 block of Burgundy Street to pick up a fare. Upon arrival, the suspect entered the cab and asked to go to Canal Street. Once inside the cab, the suspect put an object to the head of the cab driver implying he was armed and demanded the cab driver's money and keys to the cab. The cab driver stopped the vehicle at the corner of the 3000 block of Burgundy Street and complied. The suspect exited the cab at which time the cab driver immediately armed himself with his gun and approached the suspect at that intersection. A confrontation ensued at which time the cab driver shot the suspect in the face. After being shot, the suspect fled and collapsed a short distance from the intersection, in the 3000 block of Burgundy Street.

The suspect's identity has not been confirmed at this time and will be booked with Armed Robbery after being released from the hospital. A copy of the report will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for review.

The 41-year-old cab driver's keys and money were recovered from the scene. The suspect implied weapon believed to be used in the Armed Robbery, a flashlight wrapped in a rag and glove, was confiscated from the scene.