City of New Orleans deals with tough Tuesday in crime

Published: Oct. 25, 2012 at 1:04 AM CDT|Updated: Nov. 1, 2012 at 1:22 AM CDT
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New Orleans, La. - It was a terrifying Tuesday for many in New Orleans, with multiple armed robberies, a carjacking and the shootings of six people shot, one fatally.  The difficult day raises questions about the city's progress in fighting crime.

"All we heard was armed robbery," said one resident of Clara Street.

"I guess things like this make you think twice," said another.

"A lot of us walk back from the library at night and it's really, it's scary," said a third Tulane student.

Tulane students living off campus are getting a crash course in crime and a letter from a concerned neighbor, ready to head up a community watch.

The note landed on the doorsteps of residents in the area after an armed robbery in the 5800 block of Clara Street Tuesday night.  According to New Orleans police, around 8:00 p.m. a woman pulled into a driveway and was met by a man with a gun.  The man took her iPhone and her purse and then took off down the street.

She was one of at least five people who ended up with a gun in the face Tuesday night.  The same night, half a dozen people were victims of gunfire in two separate shootings.

"We don't have rose-colored glasses," said New Orleans Councilwoman-at-Large Jackie Clarkson.  "We know that the results are not showing yet."

Even so, Clarkson says she believes the city is making progress.  She cited a productive relationship between the district attorney and the police chief.  She also pointed to the NOPD's efforts to connect with citizens, " getting into the communities, getting witnesses and getting all the things that will ultimately lead to results.  But right now, we're not seeing those results."

Clarkson says she feels confident the city will see a significant reduction in crime, but she didn't say when.  "Keep us informed and please keep the faith. We're trying," said Clarkson.

It's a message for those who, right now, say they don't feel safe in the city.

"No, not really," said a Tulane law student.   "I went to college in New York City and I felt a lot safer in New York City than I do in New Orleans."