Police investigate unattended suitcase at Superdome


Authorities at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome say miscellaneous papers were discovered inside a suitcase left unattended in a Dome parking garage.

NOPD used a controlled explosion at approximately 11:15 Wednesday night to blow up the suitcase.

"Through the course of the investigation it was determined that misc. papers were inside of the luggage case," reads a brief statement from NOPD.  "Poydras will be opening shortly"

Officers temporarily closed traffic in both directions on Poydras Street between Clara and Loyola while emergency responders assessed the situation.

NOPD sent news media an alert shortly before 7:15 p.m. that the suitcase was found in parking garage #1 at the Dome.  A later advisory reported that SWAT members are using a robot to inspect the case.

It's not known who left the case in garage.

The discovery comes two days after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, and hours after a suspicious package was discovered outside the Mandeville Post Office. The latter was found to contain trash.

While unattended luggage is hardly uncommon, its discovery at public venues such as the Superdome generally requires police to follow specific security procedures as they determine the true nature of the item.

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