Special needs residents asked to register in Lafourche

Thibodaux, La. - The Lafourche Parish Government Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) is asking all residents with special needs to contact the office now to pre-register for assistance during hurricane evacuations.

Persons with special needs should call the Lafourche Parish Emergency Operation Center for transportation assistance, if they have not already done so. These residents must call (985) 532-8174 as soon as possible to provide information and transportation needs.

All special needs residents requesting transportation assistance from the Parish MUST be accompanied by a caregiver. Residents must have all medications with them, and any other supplies recommended by the Department of Health and Hospitals.

All residents utilizing parish transportation should bring a five-day supply of food and water per person; money; identification and important papers; bedding and clothing; medications and first aid items; personal hygiene products; toiletries; and, any other necessities.

OEP Director Chris Boudreaux says the registration process will assist both the patients and the State by being more informed and prepared.

"Every special needs patient must be triaged, and by registering now, it will ensure proper and timely care in the event of a disaster," said Boudreaux. "It also helps DHH and OEP to prepare their facilities and gives us a reference point to check in on patients, especially in the event of a parish-wide mandatory evacuation."

Residents who wish to register as a special needs patient should contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness directly at (985) 532-8174. Each patient will need to provide their name, address, two (2) contact phone numbers, their caregiver's name, their medical condition, and the type of transportation needed to the shelter.