Fighter jets intercept helicopter off LA coast

New Orleans, La. - Two F-15 fighter jets intercepted a helicopter off the coast of Louisiana Thursday morning.  The Joint Reserve Base New Orleans Defense Command responded to an AW-139 helicopter that was out of communication as it entered U.S. airspace from the Gulf of Mexico.

The NORAD controlled F-15 fighter jets intercepted the helicopter which landed at a heliport in Leeville, LA,  NORAD's mission – in close collaboration with homeland security – is to prevent air attacks against North America, responding to unknown, unwanted and unauthorized air activity.   A NORAD spokesman says the group was contacted after the helicopter came close to the Louisiana coast without communicating with the FAA.

The investigation has now been turned over to the FAA, which has been interviewing the pilot of the helicopter.  So far, it's not known why the pilot wasn't communicating or if a technical problem was to blame.