Former city employee arrested for malfeasance in office

Glenn Zeringue
Glenn Zeringue

New Orleans, La. - A former senior building inspector for the city's Office of Safety and Permits was arrested last month for theft and malfeasance in office.

FOX 8 obtained a copy of Glenn Zeringue's arrest record, which lays out NOPD's reasons for arresting him.

According to the arrest warrant, the owner of a property on Orleans Avenue began renovating the house in April, without first getting an engineering survey. Because of that, the city issued a 'stop work order' on the property.

The court documents show the owner then went down to City Hall to apply for the correct permits with the building inspector's office. While there, the owner told police, he wrote a check for $1,350 to the City of New Orleans for a permit.

That's when he was allegedly approached by Glenn Zeringue.

According to the report, Zeringue spoke with the owner about lifting the stop work order and told him, "It was done the wrong way by the front office and that he [the owner] could create a new permit, canceling the old one and save money."

The report goes on to say that the owner agreed to give Zeringue $1,350 in cash, and Zeringue gave him a handwritten, signed receipt for the transaction while promising the owner's original check, written to the city, would be returned.

The city tells FOX 8 Zeringue resigned from his position as senior building inspector on April 26, just six days after the alleged transaction.

The city says it turned the case over to the Inspector General's Office and the NOPD, which ultimately led to his arrest.

Zeringue was released from jail without bond.

FOX 8 reached out to the NOPD to find out if they were investigating any other alleged victims in this case, but we have not heard from the NOPD yet.