Off-duty NOPD officer arrested in Gretna for impaired driving

New Orleans - An off-duty New Orleans Police Officer has been arrested for impaired driving in Gretna. The officer was arrested around 5:30 Monday evening. The officer has been identified as Lindy Collins.

According to police, an off-duty Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Deputy spotted Collins driving erratically in his personal car on Stumpf Boulevard near Gretna Boulevard. One of the tires on Collins' car had a blow out after striking a curb.

The Jefferson Parish deputy approached Collins afterward and determined that Collins was impaired. The deputy, with help from an off-duty NOPD officer, stayed with Collins until Gretna Police arrived. Collins was arrested by Gretna Police and charged with driving while impaired.

Collins was placed on Emergency Suspension without pay, pending the outcome of an investigation by the Public Integrity Bureau.