Louisiana's largest building to be picked up and relocated is on the move again

New Orleans, La.- The largest building to ever be picked up and relocated in the state is on the move for the third time.

The McDonogh 11 School is slowly being re-positioned outside of the LSU Medical Center footprint.

The schoolhouse, built in the 1800's, is getting a 21st century lesson on hydraulics.

"They have 37 dollies. Each dolly has 40 tons on it because we're moving 17-hundred tons," said Christian Cancienne, owner of Orleans Shoring.

Cancienne says that's 20 times heavier than the average home.

"The type of building materials they used back then, the mortar was made out of mud. So mud and bricks are holding the building up," said Cancienne.

With no studded walls holding the building together, slow and steady is the only pace the fragile schoolhouse can travel without falling apart.

"It's slower than you can walk. It's about a half a mile an hour," Cancienne.

"It has a lot of history and it was a McDonogh school, and it'd be a shame to see a building like this go away. You couldn't replace this building," Cancienne.

It takes hours to move just a few hundred feet to the edge of Claiborne where it's scheduled to rest for a little more than a month until it's new foundation is finished on the other side of Cleveland street.

"I think that'll be the funnest part," said Cancienne.

That's when the entire structure will be raised 12 feet up in the air to sit on its new foundation with a new first story built underneath it.

Until then, you can look for the building near the intersection of Claiborne and Canal.

"The cool thing is the people that were leaving work Friday down Claiborne, there was no building there. When they get to work Monday, there'll be a building right next to the road," said Cancienne.

The building is being moved to make way for the new medical center, which is scheduled to be up and running in 2015.