One woman dead, officer wounded in Franklinton

FRANKLINTON, La. - Neighbors of a Franklinton woman who was found shot to death inside a burned-out trailer Friday morning say they are not surprised.

The victim's son is now in custody, and two others were wounded after a quiet night on a Franklinton Street turned to mayhem.

"This is like too close," said resident Nina Dillon. "This is in my mom's backyard."

Police say 20-year-old Christopher Dillon went down the street Thursday night and shot a neighbor in the arm as he tried to rob him.

Dillon then ran to the trailer he shared with his mother, 42-year-old Robin Dillon.

When he got back to the trailer, police rushed in, and Dillon emerged from a hallway carrying a gun. He fired at officer Chad Dorsett, striking him in the chest and the arm. The officer's bulletproof vest protected him from serious injury.

Then the trailer caught fire, and as the flames raged, Dillon jumped out of a window, and was captured. After the fire, authorities went inside, and made a grisly discovery.

"When they entered, they found a body in the bed in the back bedroom," said Washington Parish Chief Deputy Mike Haley.

Robin Dillon was dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Neighbors say they are shocked by what happened, but not all that surprised.

"He gave her problems on top of problems," said Nina Dillon.

Neighbors say Dillon would often fire his gun in the neighborhood, and they worried.

Larry Dillon said, "He wore a black hood and ski mask while 100 degrees outside, that's strange."

Christopher Dillon is currently under arrest and on suicide watch in the Washington Parish Jail. He faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated arson and armed robbery. More charges may be added pending the results of an autopsy on his mother.

Officer Dorsett is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at University hospital.