Wife mourns Terrytown rapper killed outside bar

TERRYTOWN, LA (WVUE) - Justine Richard can't help but laugh when she thinks of her husband, Bowie.

"His name was different and he was different and he was ridiculous sometimes," she said.

But her laughter quickly turns into tears.

Bowie Richard, 21, was killed early Saturday morning outside The Edge Sports Bar in Harvey. Jefferson Parish Sheriff's investigators believe he exchanged words with someone inside the bar just before he was shot to death.

"When they go out into the parking lot, the victim was leaving, walking outside and apparently the suspect chose to retrieve a weapon from his vehicle and shoot and kill the victim," said Cmmdr. John Fortunato with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Investigators are now looking for 24-year old Devin Bonilla. They say surveillance video shows him pulling the trigger.

"I don't know why someone would do this," said Justine Richard. "I don't know why, not just to us, but to anyone. I could never take someone away, even if it's somebody that has no family."

Family meant everything to Richard.

Just two weeks before his death, Richard recorded rap about his wife, stepson and daughter. The lyrics describe his fears about being a young father and his determination to take care of his family.

"In his song, he just says how he picked me up and held me and said everything's going to be ok, and it was. And he told me how, in the song he says how he would never leave me and we're going to make it through this and he never left my side," she said.

Now his wedding ring hangs from a necklace on Justine Richard's neck, and she's getting ready to bury the husband she loved so much.

"I'm just kind of waiting for Wednesday," she said. "I'm waiting to put him to rest, and I'm just trying to get to there."

Bowie Richard was an organ donor, and the family said everything but his heart was harvested to save the lives of others.

Richard's funeral will be held Wednesday at Mothe Funeral Home in Harvey. Visitation will be held at 10 am, the funeral service at 1:30.

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